Washington Wizards shooting guard Bradley Beal is a talented player in every sense of the word.

Despite his obvious flair and great athletic ability, he has had a lot of trouble staying on the court, mostly due to injuries. His failing health has been a huge concern among many people.

Most wonder whether the 2017- 18 season will prove to be a good or bad season for him. This is yet to be determined, but things seem to be improving for him. Be sure to visit sites that offer online betting for this 2017 NBA games for more NBA stories.

Bradley Beal’s Injuries

Beal has been an NBA player for more than five seasons now. Prior to the 2016- 17 season, he had played an average of 61.8 games per season for four seasons. His absence on the court was alarming to say the least.

He missed at least 25 percent of the games that season. Despite his worrying absence on the court, his team extended his contract for five years, $128 million. The team was convinced that he suffered no serious health problems, but that the injuries were mostly due to bad luck.

Not one to disappoint, Bradley’s presence in the 2016- 17 season shot upwards sharply, reaching an average of 77 games. Last season was without doubt one of the highlights of his NBA career, and it was a groundbreaking season for him as well.

It was during this season that he clearly proved just how talented he really is, and what a valuable asset he is to the team.

The Best Offensive Player

So, what can the Washington Wizards expect from their potential star player? Clearly, the team intends to make him their best offensive player.

He, however, needs to improve a lot on scoring more 3-point shots this season if he is to be the best offensive player. On average, he shoots 7.2 3-point shots, but only 37.6% of them come from beyond the arc. There is clearly a lot of room for improvement.

In the 2016- 17 season, Bradley took the second-most field goal attempts for his team. If he increases his shots from beyond the arc, he can move up the rank with great ease.

He truly needs to focus more on the shots beyond the arc since the league values 3-pointers more than 2-point shots now.

Beal's Defense

Bradley may be a great offensive player, but what about his defense? Last season, he got a rating of 106.5 as a defensive player. While this is not a stellar rating, it certainly goes to prove that his defense game is not all that bad.

To improve his defensive tactics, he will need to work closely with head coach Scott Brooks, and they might need to change their strategies a bit. Statistics show that if only the Wizards could improve their defense game, they would rise through the NBA ranks quite fast.


Without a shadow of doubt, Bradley Beal is a valuable player to his team.

However, he needs to improve greatly in certain areas, particularly in his defense and learning how to score from beyond the arc. He also needs to learn how to create good looks on his won without relying too much on John Wall.


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