Tyrese Gibson is going through it, and that’s normally when the vultures and karma comes for you. The singer/actor is catching it from all corners after it was revealed that he’s unable to see his child over custody, child support and alleged abuse issues.

Now a guy named Dewayne, who’s alleging that he’s Gibson’s ghostwriter, claims that the singer is “broke” and “hurting” because of karma and leaving him the same way.

Karma? Man says Tyrese did him wrong even when he knew the man had kids. He writes, For the people asking, he is not talking to me cause We don't talk! My name is Dewayne not (#TheRock) and I'm known as D.J. But I can't kiss my babies cause I can't pay child support. I never got a chance to fight! Thanks #Tyrese! If your seeing this from your home, Starbucks, Gibsihana's a Private Plane or your Wraith, Remember, #Shame will never be a single, it will never be a video? #Brother, I wrote every line to the biggest record of your career & you made my life a movie. Produced by #DenzelWashington #IdentityTheft Ha! Real fathers stick together?! You lied to me, manipulated and took advantage of me and there was nothing I could do at the time. I told you I needed work so I could take care of my kids & fix my life! Who's out of touch? Who is the SelfishChamp? I was homeless and desperate. I washed dishes and mopped floors in your home, even rode a bike from Inglewood to Burbank to meet you. #NoPride #NoEgo No #SHAME with all #Humility Now My backs in the corner and I have everything to gain cause I've already lost it all! I haven't seen my son or daughter in 5 years and until I get my money I won't. #NoHate #AllLove #NoTears, #NoFear, Just #Faith #ManUp #BeStillAndKnow #GodIsInControl #GetRightWithGod & #GetRightWithMe or don't! #GodIsLove #LoveIsALifestyle not an act! #LearnItLiveItGiveIt #ILoveMyBabies #ILoveyou #IAmMyBrothersKeeper #RealFathersStickTogether #MyPainAndMyPenSavedRnB #AllGloryToGod via @pentorious
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This is a deep accusation.


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