What's up everyone.

At the time of this writing, I am currently boarding a plane to go across the world. I will be traveling to India, which I haven't been there in almost 10 years. It should be an interesting and thrilling winter break.

With that said, it will be pretty difficult to update the site while I am gone. However, be on the lookout with our Twitter feed for awesome content.

This past year was pretty thrilling for FootBasket. We had our most successful year via social media, having many posts go viral. Unfortunately, we got hit with a bogus DMCA copyright claim that had our account suspended back in June. It is still suspended to this day.

Luckily, our new Twitter account @FootBasketcom seems to be doing pretty well now. You probably have seen this tweet and story by now that has done numbers on various media outlets, as well as this story. Things are on the up and up.

Anyways, I look forward to what 2018 brings. Hope you all have a great Christmas and New Years! Happy holidays!

Enjoy this GOAT Christmas song while you're here:


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