Paul George isn’t feeling NBA referees having a quick trigger when it comes to technical fouls and ejections, but his reasoning for it may shock you.

George, averaging 21 points per game and leading the league in steals at 2.2 per contest, isn’t feeling NBA referees tossing stars out the game and broke down his feelings to UPROXX during this interesting interview.

According to PG, ejections from the game could start to affect players at the dinner table.
"I’m not sure. I could definitely be on that end of things. I think on some nights, I’m not getting the best treatment on the floor. But I’m not sure. It’s been happening a lot from LeBron and KD multiple times. I know DeMarcus [Cousins] been thrown out before during this season. Russ has been thrown out, so I’m not sure what it is.

"I honestly, personally, don’t agree guys should be thrown out. This is our livelihood, what ultimately we get paid for and take care of our families for it. Of course, we’re going to be passionate; we’re going to be emotional at times. It’s part of the game. It’s a competitive game that we’re part of. So yeah, if a guy or official is not making the right call, that results in how the game is going to be played or the results of that game. I’m not sure why the trigger is so quick to be pulled on officials ejecting guys."
I’m not sure ejections from games are gonna cause any one player to starve, but I can understand George and other players or fans not feeling the stars of the game being given a quick hook.


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