Fox Sports radio host Doug Gottlieb was blasted last night for a couple of disrespectful tweets, aimed at trying to explain just how lucky certain circumstances made Villanova basketball.

Doing his best loudmouth troll impression, Gottlieb fired off this insensitive tweet explaining how a family embarrassment helped Nova win two of the last three national titles.

Rick Brunson, Jalen’s dad, is a Temple legend, alum, and former NBA point guard. In 2014, the elder Brunson was arrested and charged with sexual assault on a massage therapist. He was later acquitted, but lost his job at Temple.

When Rick was employed at Temple, it was widely expected that Jalen, an All-American from Illinois, would eventually play for the Owls. Instead, Jalen chose Nova and the rest is history.

Two former Villanova stars did not appreciate Gottlieb’s trolling and blasted the former college star.

The players were referring to a 1996 incident in which Gottlieb, then at Notre Dame, was charged with stealing other students’ credit cards. He was kicked off of the team and subsequently transferred to Oklahoma State.

Gottlieb tried to backtrack on the tweet.


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