The Chief is not a fan of Joel Embiid, it seems. It is no secret that the Philadelphia 76ers and fans alike would like to see The Process get into better shape this offseason after struggling to finish plays late in the game five loss to Boston.

One former Boston great is adding to the rivalry by piling on. During an appearance Monday on SiriusXM NBA Radio, Celtics Hall of Famer Robert Parish was asked how he might have fared had he faced Embiid during his playing days. Parish fired shots.
“Run his jock strap off, for starters, because he’s not in shape. I would make him play defense and run his jock strap off every chance I got. By the fourth quarter, he’d be drained. Trust me on that.”
Parish is repeating what many have said for some time now, in that Embiid will have to get into prime shape if he wants to take "The Process" to the next level.


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