1. Draft Luka Doncic

When the Suns hired Igor Kokoskov as their head coach, rumors started swirling instantly about the team likely selecting European stud Luka Doncic with the top pick.

As Suns beat writer Evan Sidery notes, "Luka Doncic fits perfectly into the modern direction Phoenix has been building upon." Doncic thrived under Kokoskov, and he would fit instantly into the team's vision.

Doncic isn't no slouch either. He recently became the youngest player to win MVP in the EuroLeague this season.

Being that is considered the second-best league after the NBA and that he's been playing against grown men, Doncic shouldn't have too much trouble adapting to the NBA as compared to his college counterparts in the draft.

Doncic paired with Booker and Jackson could spell danger for opposing teams, and it could be a Big Three that could finally propel Phoenix into title contenders in the future.

2. Draft Deandre Ayton

Deandre Ayton has been mentioned a ton in reports and rumors as a player the Suns could draft at No. 1. As of right now, it looks like it's either him or Doncic with the first overall pick come June.

The Suns are in need of a big man for the future. Alex Len, the fifth overall pick from the 2013 draft, never panned out to be the team's franchise center. Ayton could end up being a franchise-changing player if he's drafted.

Ayton had averages of about 20 points and 12 rebounds per game for the Arizona Wildcats this past season. However, a big knock against his game has been his defense. Some say it's due to Arizona's defensive scheme and style of play.

Nonetheless, Ayton has tools and size (7-foot-1, 250 pounds) to become at least a decent defender. Phoenix is going to need it, because their defense was atrocious this year.

Could we see Ayton staying home in AZ?

3. Trade for Karl-Anthony Towns

This is a long shot, but reports came out of Karl-Anthony Towns being unhappy with the Minnesota Timberwolves. If this situation escalates, the T-Wolves may have to decide between him and head coach Tom Thibodeau on who to keep. 

If they're smart, they dump Thibs and keep their once-in-a-lifetime franchise player. But if they go the other route, could we actually see Thibs and Minnesota trade away Towns? 

Devin Booker certainly hopes so:

The Suns will have to give up the No. 1 pick and maybe more to get Towns, but he could be exactly what they need. He's definitely a better option than Ayton, and at only 22 years old, he's young enough to be a long-term franchise player.

Pair him with his former Kentucky teammate in Booker, and Phoenix could end up having a lethal duo in the West that can dominate for years to come.

4. Trade for a Superstar

If the No. 1 overall pick could possibly be enough for the Suns to get Karl-Anthony Towns, could they try to gauge interest from other teams' superstars? Phoenix general manager Ryan McDonough says he isn't opposed to trading the top pick, according to ESPN
"We're certainly open to that. We'll consider it," McDonough said. "Obviously, we'll have more information closer to the draft than we do today, after we go through the workout process and the interview process and we get the medical physicals. So we're open to that.

"I think if you look around the NBA, as far as the veteran players, there are probably a few players we'd consider trading the pick for, not ... just pick for player No. 1. So it'll be a busy month for us."
Could the Suns get a player that is on Towns' level in regards to skill and youth? Getting someone like that to pair with Booker and Jackson would be perfect.

The Suns could also go for a star entering his prime or already in his prime as well, as McDonough has mentioned about not trying to be as young of a team like they were last season.
“We’re not planning on having a roster that’s quite as young next year,” McDonough said. “We’re open to moving [the later picks] for a player to help us move forward, or even to move up in the draft into the late lottery or earlier in the teens.”

5. Trade Down

It's not often you see teams trade down when they have the No. 1 overall pick. However, we did see the Boston Celtics do just that last year when they made a deal with the Philadelphia 76ers. They seem to be doing pretty fine right now. 

Could the Suns try to pull a Boston or Philly by accumulating more assets and players by trading down? Phoenix also has Nos. 16, 31, and 59 in the draft, and they are likely to trade them. 
“I think it’s very unlikely we bring three or four rookies to training camp next year,” McDonough added.
If the right deal comes, could McDonough pull the trigger?


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