The Cleveland Cavaliers need to acquire a bonafide scorer, while Kemba Walker would just like to taste and experience the playoffs on a regular basis.

With Walker entering the final season of his current contract with the Charlotte Hornets, reports suggest that Cleveland would be willing to entertain acquiring the stud point guard.

Per Cleveland.com:
According to sources, the Cavs’ front office and James’ camp have been in contact over the phone and in person, though there has been no meeting with James present, nor has there been any real dialogue as far as James’ future is concerned.

Because the superstar himself doesn’t know.

The Cavs have been signaling (strongly, in some cases) that they’re looking to upgrade their team from the group that was swept out of the Finals this month, whether James stays or goes.

They are taking calls from teams looking to move up in the draft via trade, and are seeking proven NBA vets whose presence would both improve the roster and be enticing to James.

They’ve also been “obsessed” with the draft since acquiring Brooklyn’s pick from the Celtics last summer for Kyrie Irving, so using it to take a player for themselves is, of course, a very real possibility.

Cleveland has, in fact, inquired about Kawhi Leonard’s availability from the Spurs, among others, and league sources suggested Charlotte’s Kemba Walker could be in play for the Cavs.
Cleveland’s most attractive asset is the No. 8 overall pick, and they’ll likely have to make the pick before including it in any deal.


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