Article originally published June 8, 2018
Article last updated August 19, 2022 to add new rating

It was officially announced that LeBron James will be on the cover for the new NBA 2K video game, which is the 20th anniversary edition 2K19.

LeBron’s last and only appearance (up until now) in the NBA 2K video game series was 2K14, when he was a member of the Miami Heat. This game featured a new version of the MyCareer mode for next-gen consoles, and has influenced the ones we’ve seen since then.

What better player to put on the 20th anniversary edition than LeBron, especially with the season he has had. I wonder what kind of features will we see in this edition.

LeBron has been appearing in 2K video games ever since he was rookie, dating back to NBA 2K4. He started out as a 78 rating, but has gone up to as high as a 99 overall since then.

Will we see a 99 overall LeBron in 2K19? What kind of graphics and new features can we expect from the game? Will there a major game or story mode involving the King? We will find out when the game releases on September 7.

Until then, let’s take a look back at what he looked like and his rating in the previous NBA 2K games.

NBA 2K4 (78 Overall)

NBA 2K5 (88 Overall)

NBA 2K6 (97 Overall)

NBA 2K7 (98 Overall)

NBA 2K8 (97 Overall)

NBA 2K9 (98 Overall)

NBA 2K10 (96 Overall)

NBA 2K11 (97 Overall)

NBA 2K12 (98 Overall)

NBA 2K13 (98 Overall)

NBA 2K14 (99 Overall)

NBA 2K15 (98 Overall)

NBA 2K16 (94 Overall)

NBA 2K17 (96 Overall)

NBA 2K18 (97 Overall)

NBA 2K19 (98 Overall)

NBA 2K20 (97 Overall)

NBA 2K21 (98 Overall)

NBA 2K22 (96 Overall)

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