Are you a sports fan and an active blogger? If you adore football, tennis, golf, and other sports, you may find success as a sports blogger. However, not all sports bloggers earn money from their blog pages. Below is a guide on the various ways to monetize your sports blog.

Boross Örs is the writer of this guide and an expert in earning from blogging. If you want to learn more from his content, check him out here.

You don’t have to overstrain yourself to make a good living. Blog and earn easily with the following tips.

Sell Ad Space on Your Blog

The most popular method to earn from a blog is to sell ad space. 

Let’s say you have a post discussing the best online casino Hungary has to offer. Your website is bound to have some space at the sides, top, or bottom.

Other companies want this ad space to promote their products or services. The more popular your online casino, the more other companies will compete for this ad space. 

It may take some time to gain popularity, so keep writing until you get there.

Get Sponsorships for Writing Posts

Another popular way to earn from blogging is to get sponsorships for your posts. 

Sponsored posts are more effective for using native ads. As the writer, you serve as the bridge between the sponsor brand and your audience.

However, when you write sponsored posts, disclose their nature to the readers. Do this when you write a sponsored blog guide to sports, a tutorial, or other types of content.

Enter Affiliate Marketing

Consider affiliate marketing if you want to promote several products on your posts. 

In affiliate marketing, your goal is to get people to buy the product by clicking on the link you provide. When the company traces back the link used for purchase to you, you gain commission.

As a tip, look for affiliate products with higher price points. The higher the price of the product, the higher your commission. 

For example, you would earn more money through a link to home gym sports gear and equipment compared to a yoga mat.

Sell Merchandise On Your Blog

In Hungary, the typical salary range is between 125,000 HUF and 2,200,000 HUF, with the average being 493,000 HUF per month. You can earn more by having a sports blog on the side.

Do you have a gift in the written form of marketing? If so, you’ve got a bright future in sports blogging. To be more specific, you’re suited to marketing sports products on your blog.

Create Tutorial Posts

If you create products, this is the best method of marketing them. 

You only need to write in-depth tutorials on how to use them and their benefits. You could even write content comparing your product with other similar sports products in the market.

Content like this is a great way to promote your products. If you don’t produce goods or tools of your own, you can still earn money by writing tutorials. Talk to a company that wants their product advertised and offer your tutorial-writing services to them.

For example, let's say you write a guide on how to use home gym multipurpose equipment. Place the safety precautions the user needs to take during setup. Don’t forget to write how to deconstruct or disassemble it, too.

Earn Money from Reviewing Sports Products

Are you good at writing positive reviews for products or services? If so, you should consider reviewing products by other brands for a fee. 

It gives those brands a way to market their products in a good and somewhat fair light – and, what's more, it gives your site visitors an idea of how those products and services work.

For example, e-sports gaming or online casinos in Hungary are great areas to review. A gaming company may contact you and ask you to play their game. If you accept and play, the next move is to write a review.

Use Google Adsense on Your Blog

The last route you can take is to open your sports posts to Google Adsense. 

It is the advertising system on Google that gives publishers the chance to earn from their posts. It works a lot like selling ad space on your pages.

In Google Adsense, the system will match ads paid for by other businesses on your site depending on your content. It will also consider the people who visit your site. 

Doing this will maximize the advertising potential of their clients.


People will notice if you let your passion for sports shine through on your sports blog. 

More opportunities will open up for you, especially if you’re a good writer.


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