Liverpool's Mohamed Salah suffered an UCL injury during the UEFA Champions League final against Real Madrid, after what many feel was a controversial and dirty tackle by defender Sergio Ramos. Salah says he denies things were "fine" after the injury.
"He sent me a message, but I never told him it was 'fine.'"
Salah is responding to Ramos reportedly saying that the injury he caused had "been blown out of all proportion" and that he was told everything was fine. Salah added that Ramos' comments were "funny."

Salah gave more details, as well as an update on his health since the injury.
The Egypt international also responded to Ramos' suggestion that Salah need not have been substituted in the final because he could have continued with the aid of pain-killing injections: "My comment [to that] is that it's always good when the one who made you cry at first then makes you laugh. Maybe he could also tell me if I'm going to be ready for the World Cup?"

Salah also gave an update on his fitness:

"When I fell to the ground, I had a mixture of physical pain and a lot of concern. There was also anger and sadness at being unable to continue playing in the Champions League final.

"Moments later, I also thought about the possibility of not playing in the World Cup and that was a devastating thought. It was the worst [moment of my career].

"Now I'm better, though. I hope to play the first game against Uruguay, but that will depend on how I feel when it approaches."
It was doubtful at first that Salah would be able to play for Egypt in the upcoming 2018 World Cup in Russia, but things are looking hopeful as he is trending towards playing in the opener.

Here's the video of Ramos' tackle on Salah, as well as a video of him laughing after causing the injury:


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