It seemed like Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant were on good terms following this year's NBA All-Star Game, but it looks like Brodie may still be sending subliminal shots at his former teammate and rival team Golden State Warriors.

Westbrook posted a video to Instagram of himself rapping along to Ice Cube's "No Vaseline" song.
“Gotdamn, I’m glad ya’ll set off. Used to be hard. Now you’re just wet and soft. First you was down with the AK. And now, I see you on a video with Michelle, looking like straight bozos. I saw it coming. That’s why I went solo.”
Are these shots at KD and the Warriors? It seems like it. Following Durant's free agency move two years ago, Westbrook posted a picture of cupcakes as a subliminal.

KD is coming off back-to-back titles and Finals MVPs.

Judge for yourself about what Westbrook was trying to say with this video, or if he was just harmlessly rapping along to an Ice Cube diss track. It's hard not to connect it to KD, especially with the video being posted following the Warriors' title win.


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