There have been some pretty wrecking stories to have hit the tabloids, and some of them have involved our most famed NBA basketball players.

While we have noticed a recent rising trend of sports betting, and with renowned sites like Novibet basketball betting as an option, we have come across some stories that still give us the chills while others remind us we too are human.

Here are some of the moments we remember that left the National Basketball Association a little darker than before.

The Death of Len Bias

One of the saddest days for the NBA and for the friends and family of Len Bias, when he passed away just 2 days after he was chosen for the 1986 NBA draft by the Boston Celtics. He was 22 at the time of his death which was caused by a cocaine overdose.

Because of his death, the NBA instituted a drug awareness program for young basketball players. It was a dark day in history, as a true youthful talent was lost and one that could have been miraculous on the court.

Pacers-Pistons Malice at the Palace

One of the worst fights to have ever disgraced the NBA happened back in 2004 when the Detroit Pistons and Indiana Pacers turned the entire arena into a boxing ring.

What started out on the court eventually had the crowd up in arms, as one fan threw plastic cups repeatedly at Pacers forward Ron Artest. This led Artest to seek out the fan in the crowd and retaliate with a violent attack, which led to an all-out fight at the Palace Auburn Hills.

Michael Jordan’s Gambling Addiction 

One of the greatest NBA players of all time hid a dark secret, one that the media would pressure the basketball star to investigate. The NBA however, chose not to investigate as he was the star of the court and they would lose money.

The Kobe Bryant Rape Case 

Kobe was a star player, quickly rising to fame. But that all changed in 2003 when the young basketball star was arrested and got caught up in a rape and sexual assault scandal.

The case was dismissed after the accuser refused to testify; nevertheless his career took a hit and led Adidas to drop the contract with him.

Kermit Washington’s Near Death Blow on Rudy Tomjanovich

Although this happened back in 1977, it is still sorely remembered as the day Kermit took a swing to Rudy’s head which nearly cost him his life. Rudy tried to break up a fight which ended him up receiving an instinctive blow from Kermit.

There have been a number of other scandals to have dampened the reputations of some of the most famed basketball players in history. Some came out with good endings while others have cost these basketball stars their reputations as well as their careers.

Hopefully social media changes the actions of some of the more serious offenses and stops them before they happen and take to the media.


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