Getting your girlfriend the ideal gift can cause a lot of anxiety. The best gifts for women are the ideal combination of thoughtful and unique. Of course, you’ll want to get her something that will feel personal, but the gift shouldn’t be unique to the point where it’s useless.

A kitschy gift is great only when she’ll really appreciate its kitschiness. Otherwise, you should try to think of gifts that she’ll use. To that end, here’s a quick look at some gifts that might fit your girl to a T.

Under it All

One thing that’s trending right now is the stylish bralette. Every girl and woman who needs a bra appreciates wearing one that’s comfortable and looks great. One in particular that you should consider for your girlfriend is this racerback bralette

Bralettes are just the perfect combination of those two things. They tend to be quite a bit less bulky than underwire bras and cute enough to appeal to most younger women.


When it comes to unique gifts, you don’t need to track down the Air Jordans worn by Serena Williams to accomplish that. Most women enjoy smelling good. Giving the gift of perfume is an affair that’s truly personal. After all, each time she spritzes it, she’ll remember who gave it to her.

To that end, why not give her a scent that’s just for her? You can get perfumes created specifically for your recipient. That’s a unique yet truly personal gift that she’ll love.

Laid Back

Everyone needs that wardrobe staple, the denim jacket. While in years gone by, we’ve seen seasons that were dominated by the cropped or bomber styles, now, the trend is for trucker types that are lined with Sherpa, or even the classic Levi’s jacket.

With this gift, your girlfriend will be just as comfortable as she is chic while she’s out enjoying the weather.

For the Home

Give your girlfriend’s home a bit of style with some great throw pillows. Depending on the pillows you get, they can pack a serious trend punch. Go for pillows that feature things like brass, jute tassels, and multi-colored designs (if they match her décor). They’re also quite useful!

Bright Dresser

Everyone needs a great warm sweater for those chilly nights, but why not get her one that’ll add a bit more to the mix? The Brinkley Sweater made by Rebecca Minkoff is a trendy, fitting, sherbet-hued sweater that has a much more colorful and cooler meaning.

Is She a Commuter?

A fashion-forward and sturdy black sneaker is a much-needed item for when that bright white pair of sneakers just won’t cut it with the mud and rain on the way into work.

The GREATS shoe brand makes stylish and comfortable sneakers with a mix of materials that's high quality, like a rubber sole and uppers made from soft, smooth leather. The style is clean and simple for the Royale Low Top and it’ll help her brave her busy commute in both comfort and style.


Gift your girlfriend a bit of the sleep she needs with Splendid’s Island Stripe shorty PJ set. It’s a coordinating set that is the ideal gift for those lazy Sunday mornings enjoying leisure time or making pancakes.

The thick pastel stripes give this classic style pajama a trendy and updated look, making it the perfect gift for group vacations or for bachelorettes.


Slant tweezers made from stainless steel make all that plucking simple. A curler will give lashes a great curve. That makes the Champagne Shimmer Gift Set the perfect gift for the woman who enjoys self-grooming.

There you have it. A nice selection of gifts for your girlfriend or spouse. You’re sure to find the ideal gift for her with these ideas.


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