Sporting stadiums across the United States have been focusing more on improving customer experience to entice more fans to attend the games in person rather than watching them at home on TV. 

But some stadiums do a better job at this than others. Some of the best invest in these things.

Increasing Environmentally Friendliness

Sports stadiums aren’t known for being clean or environmentally friendly, but the most popular stadiums have vastly improved in recent years. 

For example, some stadiums hire janitorial companies specializing in green cleaning services to keep public areas, including the bathrooms as clean as possible, without exposing sports fans to harsh chemicals. 

MetLife Stadium, the new home of the New York Jets and the Giants, is larger than its predecessor, but it’s 30 percent more energy efficient because it was built to be as eco-friendly as possible. 

The stadium uses solar panels to help reduce energy waste, composts its waste, and has recycling efforts in place for both the stadium and the parking lot.

Levi’s Stadium, home to the San Francisco 49ers, is considered one of the most sustainable sports stadiums in the United States. It was the first professional football stadium in the U.S. to achieve LEED Gold certification

Not only does the 27,000-square-foot stadium have a “green roof'' covering its suite tower, but it also uses reclaimed water for playing field irrigation and PV-electricity from the NRG solar panels along the pedestrian bridge and on the roof deck. 

It’s also located on a sustainable site with a bike path and accessible public transportation to help lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Using Technology to Improve the Customer Experience

Fan experience is a top priority for most stadiums, so it’s not surprising that some of the best stadiums invest in increasing WiFi access and mobile apps that help eliminate some of the more annoying issues associated with live sporting events. 

For example, Levi’s Stadium uses Bluetooth low-energy beacons to send important info to fans’ smartphones, including which bathrooms have the shortest lines. 

The beacons also optimize the customer experience by helping fans find a place to park and directing them to their seats. U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis uses similar beacons to feed fans information on parking, traffic, and concession and bathroom lines.

Marlins Park in Miami takes things a step further. The stadium has 225 WiFi access points providing stadium-wide internet access. 

Using iBeacon technology, fans can check-in and receive targeted offers through their smartphones. The app also lets fans upgrade their seats and order food to be delivered to them while they watch the game.

Increased WiFi access also makes it easy for fans to access their favorite apps during the game. They can share pictures over social media and even access their favorite sports betting apps.

Upping Their Food Service Game

Stadium food service options have become a lot more diverse and daring in recent years. Of course, you can still grab a hot dog, pizza, or nachos from the concession stand, but you can also have culinary concoctions from award-winning chefs delivered to your seat. 

At Seattle’s Safeco Field, you’ll find dishes crafted by Ethan Stowell, and fans can dine on meals created by Michael Mina at Levi’s Stadium.

Some stadiums prefer to bring in food that represents the city’s distinct culinary flair. For example, Citizen’s Ball Park in Philadelphia serves Philly cheesesteaks from Tony Luke’s and Campo’s. 

Many fans enjoy socializing with the crowd while watching the game, which is one reason tailgating is such as popular pastime. Now, stadiums have dedicated space for fans to congregate if they don’t want to stay in their seats. 

At Coors Field in Denver, The Rooftop features cabanas, as well as an expansive food and beer selection. At Safeco Field in Seattle, you’ll find happy hour specials, a cocktail lounge, and a fire pit at The Pen. 

Similar spaces have become so popular with the sports crowd that it’s not uncommon for someone to buy the cheapest seat available and spend the entire game hanging out with a beer in hand.

It’s safe to say that when it comes to stadiums investing in services, any service that enhances the customer experience is a safe bet. 


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