Decided to turn your love or knowledge of sports into a lucrative business?

Whether you’re looking to obtain the proper licensing and permissions to sell products for national sports organizations, set up an online account and sell collectors items and other sports products you have on hand, or you wish to create your own athletic or sports brand and create a retail shop, getting your business up and running has a lot of working parts.

From clerical tasks like answering phones and drafting correspondence to other operational requirements like product creation and shipping, many novice entrepreneurs make the mistake of trying to take on everything alone.

Though this concept may save them money on startup costs and work efficiently in the beginning stages, at some point, the need for assistance will become apparent.

When you start trying to take on too much, the quality of work fails which can hinder your sports business. Too much work on your plate can also lead to slowed productivity and burnout.

While you may not be ready to take on the responsibility of hiring full-time staff, there are other options available.

Choosing to use the professional services of other organizations can help you immensely. It’s more affordable than hiring staff and also a lot less paperwork.

Not to mention, outsourcing your company needs frees up your time, improves quality, and increases productivity providing your sports company with the support it needs to succeed.

Though some tasks can still be completed by you or in-house, here’s a look at the types of professional services worth investing in:

Product Production Services (Manufacturing)

If you plan on designing your own sports merchandise whether it’s a folding chair, water bottle, hat, t-shirt, or other product, you’ll need assistance in production.

Sure, you might be able to fill a few orders on your own, but as the demand for your products increases, how can you meet the needs of your target audience?

Outsourcing product productions to a manufacturing company are the most efficient option. It certainly beats turning your living room into a mini factory. Do some research to learn about the various manufacturing services near you that work best for your brand and budget.

Maquiladoras in Mexico or factories in Mexico for manufacturing have become an increasingly popular choice, in that it’s a lot more affordable and convenient considering it’s proximity to the US.

They can generate large product orders using key criteria to ensure each product meets your quality standards.

Product Delivery Services

How will your customers receive their sports merchandise once they’ve made a purchase? While you may have a retail shop where customers can come view what you have and make a purchase, many consumers prefer the convenience of online shopping.

The idea of being able to go online, browse inventory, submit payment and have the products shipped to them for a fee is a lot more convenient than driving from store to store. Again, you may be able to start off shipping products on your own to customers, but this can get time-consuming and costly.

At some point, to expand your sporting merchandise business you’ll want to look into professional shipping services. It is important to give your customers options as well.

Meaning, you should look for solutions that ship merchandise straight to your customers’ front doors as well as shipping services for customers that prefer to order online and pick up in store. Having multiple shipping options for convenience can increase sales over time.

Web Development Services

You’ll need a website for your customers to search and purchase your sporting merchandise. This website must be unique, attention-grabbing, user-friendly, and streamlined for success. All too often novice entrepreneurs create their own websites through free or cheap web hosting services.

With free or cheap web hosting services individuals are allowed to create their own websites using basic templates, fonts, layouts, and images which reduce the originality of your site. As most entrepreneurs don’t have the necessary tech savvy, their sites are often missing key elements.

Essentially, a site that looks unprofessional or basic will not generate as many visitors or sales as one that is professionally developed.

If you’re going to get your sports merchandise out to the masses you have to be willing to invest in professional web development services. Web developers are highly skilled in technology and have the experience to generate a unique, optimized, user-friendly site you can be proud of.

There’s no doubt about it… sports merchandise is very popular. From the top retro sneakers designed by famous basketball players to typical sports gear like water bottles and headbands, there are a lot of things you could turn a significant profit on.

If you’re going to be successful in this arena, however, remember to invest in the assistance of professional services such as those listed above.


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