There’s nothing like watching baseball, basketball, or football, in person from on high in the skybox.

The area made exclusively for VIPs is lavish and convenient in every way giving a whole new meaning to the overall viewer experience. In fact, some might say it provides the comforts of home. A nice view, plenty of drinks, great food, good company, and an awesome game!

Essentially, you want to create this same atmosphere for your guests at your next sports party. You want them to not only be able to watch the game, but indulge in the full experience and have a good time.

In order to do this, you want to make sure you’ve handled the following.

Comfortable Seating

One thing that stands out about being in the skybox is the comfortable seating. Unlike the hard and sometimes inconvenient folding chairs, stands, and bleachers, VIP seating is often plush comfortable chairs. Wherever you plan on setting up your sports party, be sure that you have enough comfortable things for your guests to sit on. Adding pillows or cushions can increase comfort.

Big Screen 

Another plus to skybox seating is that you can see the game without having to look over anyone’s head or squint. The same perks should be provided to your guests. Don’t have everyone crammed in the room trying to look at a small screen—go big.

If you don’t already have a big flat screen, you can always rent one for the sports party. Just be sure it’s not only big, but that it has a clear picture.

Surround Sound

Want your guests to feel as if they’re at the stadium or arena themselves? If so, you’ll need surround sound. Having strategically placed speakers throughout the room give the game a more thrilling effect. Surround systems can be rented or purchased very affordable for game day.

Little Vices

What’s a sporting event without a little smoke or drink? While some enjoy puffing on a stogie or cigarette, others would prefer to have a nice stiff drink in their hands as they root for their favorite teams.

Make your  guests feel like the very important people they really are by having these things on hand for them.

To keep the environment healthy, you might opt for vaping vs. smoking so your non-smoking guests don’t have to inhale cigar or cigarette fumes. As for drinks, you can never go wrong with some cold brews.

If you want to step things up a notch, you can also have a few popular alcoholic beverages on hand.

Going with a brown and clear liquor, and then a red and white wine option gives your guests a few options to choose from. Just be sure you’ve also got supplies like plenty of ice, drinking glasses, mixes, and juice.

Plenty of Food Options

There’s certainly nothing wrong with traditional sporting event foods like hot dogs, popcorn, and nachos, but when you’re in the VIP section, you’d expect a bit more.

To give your guests the skybox experience, it’s important that your food buffet mix things up. Mini shrimp cocktails, pigs in a blanket, mini chicken or burger sliders, fries with various dipping sauces, fresh fruit, veggies, and more gives your guests options they can enjoy.


During timeouts, commercial breaks, and half-time shows your guests are going to get antsy. Do you want to keep things running smoothly? Then, don’t forget to have some form of entertainment lined up to keep them all occupied.

You can create a playlist and play music during breaks or set up games to play during halftime. Whether it’s a game of cards or charades, it keeps everyone happy and the party going.

Most sports fanatics love the idea of being able to share in their love of the game with other fellow fans (and even rivals). Though it would be nice if you could invite everyone to the skybox for a good time, that’s a pretty penny to spend.

Instead, you can create the same experience at home at your next sports party. All you need is the elements listed above and the right group of people to have an amazing time.


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