If you find yourself at the gym surrounded by a puddle of sweat, chances are you’re doing something wrong. Of course, you should sweat, but it shouldn’t be in a puddle and it shouldn’t be running down your body.

It all comes down to the kind of activewear you choose to wear when you workout. This is a list of common mistakes that men often make when they choose gym appropriate attire.

Mistake #1: Cost Over Quality

We get it. We’re not trying to have you go broke. However, paying the big bucks for quality clothing is a decision you will not regret. Big brands know how to do it right, after all. If you’re looking to buy branded and reliable activewear, you could take your search online.

Online stores like Insport offer a lot of stylish options. All you need to do is type “buy Insport clothing online from Insport” and click on what pops up! You could purchase clothes for yourself, or, if you and your significant other work out together, then great gifts for her, too!

Always go for the option that offers more value for money, i.e. is good quality, durable and will last. There’s no use in spending money on items that will fray and snap after a couple of uses anyway.

Mistake #2: The Wrong Material

Don’t be the guy that wears cotton to the gym. Just don’t do it. First of all, you will stick out. Cotton is breathable fabric but wearing thick cotton shirts to the gym will bring you the kind of attention you don’t want.

Second, you will sweat it out. Or rather, in. Cotton is not material wicking fabric, which means it won’t redirect your sweat away from your body. All it will do is retain it, which means you’ll be unpleasantly drenched in sweat in no time.

Choose light and thin shirts that have material wicking properties. These will help you feel comfortable while you work out.

Mistake #3: Don’t Go For Short

Shorts at the gym seem like a no-brainer until you start to consider length. How short should shorts be?

Think about it this way: the shorter your apparel, the higher the chances of you having an embarrassing accident. You don’t want to get caught with your pants down or your shorts up in this case.

Consider buying tights or workout sweats with elastic waistbands. These kinds of sweats hug your legs and make it easier to jump and squat and workout.

They also prevent you from having any accidental slip-ups or issues. There are good options out there that won’t cost you a lot of hard-earned money but will still be a good investment.

Other General Tips

Keep in mind that you share the gym with other people. Always have a towel around you to wipe off sweat from workout machines.

Spray/wear generous amounts of deodorant before you work out so people don’t leave clutching their noses during your work out. Asides from that, stay comfortable and motivated and hit your workout goals!


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