Do you remember your first kiss or your first day at school? Chances are you do as our brains are programmed to remember such events. And your inaugural visit to a casino, be it offline or online (like www.kingcasino.com), should prove just as memorable.

But, if you want this visit to be remembered for all the right reasons, read through to the end of this guide for first-time casino players.

Only Visit Licensed Casinos

Ignore this first tip at your peril. I mean, you could get your credit card details and other important private data stolen in seconds in some "casinos" out there.

There are always risks involved, whether they are physical or online games at casinos. Thus, only play games in casinos licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. When it comes to the USA, each state has its own board. This will come in handy for your next trip to Las Vegas. 

Plus, if you wish to run a check on any casino (online or offline), follow this link here.

Avail of Freebies

Both online and land-based casinos offer you tons of freebies to entice you to play more.

For instance, you can receive free lessons in table games such as roulette, poker and blackjack. These lessons help you learn rules, strategies and other valuable things that boost your chances of success.

And most online casinos give slot players handouts like free games, free spins and even free cash. Thus, take advantage of some of these offers as not only can they can help you save lots of money, they can also increase your skills.

Pay Attention to the Odds Available at Casino Sites

Since the odds vary from one casino game to the next, you need to choose your game wisely.

For example, the house edge (the mathematical advantage the casino has over you) can be as low as 0.5% in blackjack, but as high as 20% in keno. Consequently, stay away from games where the odds are heavily stacked in the house’s favor.

Some of the best games for casino newbies include regular versions of baccarat and blackjack (give other variations of these games a wide berth, though), as well as slots with return to player percentages (RTP) of 99%+.

Budget Properly at Online Casino

One of the biggest mistakes first time visitors make in casinos is showing up without any financial plans in place. Don’t do this as you could end up losing more than you can afford.

Instead, work out in advance how much you’re going to spend (e.g., £40 for the entire session) and once you’ve gone through all your budget, quit playing immediately.

Furthermore, even though it may seem like a good idea to chase your losses when your deposit has disappeared, never do so as research shows that this is how you incur the greatest losses.

Of course, you should also set a ceiling for winnings (e.g., double your deposit) as many people don’t know when to walk away and end up losing all their profits.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our guide for casino newbies. And if you follow our four tips, your first visit to a casino, could be another happy, lifelong memory!


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