It might seem a little too early to think about Christmas gifts, but you can never be too thoughtful when it comes to your beautiful girlfriend.

No matter if you’ve been dating for years or if you just started your relationship, you need to surprise her with something that will show her you care and listen.

Whether you are the type of girl who obsesses over luxury, or the one who prefers practical and cozy gifts from sams club, the possibilities are endless, with great quality gifts that do not weigh too heavily on the bank balance.

Practical Beanie

If you live somewhere where you tend to get white Christmas days, get your girlfriend something she will put to good use during the winter.

For instance, a cute beanie made with Merino wool or alpaca will be a gift that will keep her warm, safe and stylish all through the winter. Think of her fave color and surprise her with a toasty gift.

A Classic Watch

You can’t go wrong with this. If your girl loves jewelry but doesn’t have a classic watch, make sure to surprise her with a gorgeous timepiece.

If you don’t really know a lot about her style yet, it’s best to go with something lux, minimalist and neutral. A piece like that will allow her to make an easy transition from the office to dinner on Friday and even be her go-to accessory during weekend nights.

Timeless Jewelry

This is always a good present for your loved ones, especially if you choose something beautiful, timeless and high-quality.

Jewelry from moonmagic.com is perfect for any occasion from your romantic dinners to your casual walks in the park or her important business dinners, so she’s bound to love your gift. And all their pieces are perfect Christmas gifts since they have that wintery and icy look and feel.


If your girlfriend is a huge music or podcast fan, make sure she never faces dreaded knots and annoying wires on her headphones.

With a set of Apple’s AirPods, she will have complete connectivity and be able to manage her playlist, take calls and ask directions with the help of Siri. Plus, these come in a cute and practical container that will ensure her new earpods are always safe and handy.

Yoga Mat

No matter if she’s a serious yogi or an aspiring yoga practitioner who swore to do more sessions in 2020, you can surprise your SO with a beautiful and soft yoga mat.

You can opt for Jade Harmony if she loves hot yoga, GoYoga 1/2 –inch mat if she suffers from knee pain or something very affordable and perfect for beginners like GoYoga standard mat if she’s just getting into yoga.

Make sure to take her exercise needs into account and you’ll probably get just the right thing.

Cute Underwear

While fancy lingerie will never go out of style, there’s just something very cute, thoughtful and playful in getting funny and comfy underwear for every day.

Make sure to pick out something really good for her health, like bamboo or high-performance underwear. If you can find matching boxers for yourself, you’ll be the coziest and cutest couple ever!

Subscription Box

If you want to make your girl’s Christmas a jolly time, but also keep surprising her in the future, why not opt for a subscription box?

Today, you can subscribe to practically anything from scented candles and skincare products to wine and books, so find something you know she likes and surprise her with a new package every month.

You can pay for one, three, six or twelve-month subscription and let her enjoy the freshest and newest products she likes every month.

Hopefully, you found something that would be a perfect present for your significant other and something that will make your holidays even merrier. Even if you didn’t find an item your girlfriend loves, something must have attracted your attention and given you an even better idea.

Good luck with your shopping and happy holidays to you and your SO!


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