When you get tired of tearing up your local golf course, literally or figuratively, maybe it’s time to go watch some pros hit the ball and see how it’s done.

A good way to learn how to play golf is by watching people who know how to, which means professionals. Watching golf on TV can trend on the dry side, but being there in person is very different and a lot more fun.

Spending a gorgeous day outside, walking around, getting some exercise, and dodging the occasional errant shot—what could be better?

The same as if you were to play, keep in mind things you should bring along to the event and possible dress codes to watch out for. We have compiled some tips for attending a professional golf tournament to help you survive.

Upgrade Your Tickets

Most events will have ticket package upgrades available for just a few more bucks. The packages come with some worthwhile benefits, like an air-conditioned space to mingle, free drinks, and better views.

Take a look at what’s being offered and decide if it’s for you. You won’t be disappointed.

Concessions Are Your Friend

At a PGA event you never know when your next drink is coming, and we aren’t talking about only beer and booze.

When you stop at the concession stand, think about grabbing an extra bottle of water because concessions are sparse at best. It can get pretty hot on the course in the middle of summer, so load up when you get the chance.

Follow the Lesser-Known Players

Following Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy is fun, but their crowds are always huge, and you may not actually see too much action. The most exciting moments can come when you are ten feet from a lower-level player, and they hit an 80-foot birdie putt.

These guys have a smaller following, so you will be able to take in more of the action and not have to jockey for position in a huge crowd to stare at some dude’s bald spot.

Keep Ahead of the Flow

Try to stay in a position that allows you to see the entire hole. Instead of standing right by the green or the tee, go out to the midpoint of the fairway.

You’ll see the drive and be in a great position for the second shot and can get a jump on the crowd heading for the green.

Stay Alert!

Even though these guys are PGA tour pros, they aren’t immune from blasting a shot into the gallery, so stay alert. T

here is a lot of downtime in between shots and the day is long, but it can get real exciting, real fast if you get bonked in the head with a golf ball. Keep your head up and eyes on the action.


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