The need for social distancing may mean that you can’t sharpen your softball skills with your team for a while. However, that’s no reason to abandon your training.

Taking significant time off from practicing softball can diminish your fitness and cause you to lose your competitive edge. As such, it’s important to find ways to continue training on your own.

Fortunately, there are several ways that you can enhance your athletic abilities without leaving the house. Here are some softball drills to do by yourself until you can reunite with your team.

Pitching Socks

While chucking socks at a mirror may seem a little silly, it can greatly help you improve your pitching skills.

The first step to improving is knowing what you’re doing wrong. Practicing in front of a mirror will help you identify any errors in your form, such as an incorrect arm path or an off-kilter stride. By identifying such errors, you make corrections and improve your pitching form.

Plus, the lightweight sock allows you to ramp your arm up to maximum velocity, as they aren’t as heavy as a softball. So, roll up some socks and start hurling them at any reflective surface you can find—whether it’s a mirror or a glass door.


Speed plays a key role in softball whether you’re hitting or fielding. To keep your fast-twitch muscles sharp, practice some sprint drills. Since softball bases are 60 feet apart, try to find an area to do sprints that are a similar distance.

While sprints may not be everyone’s favorite drill, doing them could make the difference between an out and being safe when you start competing again. Plus, maintaining your fitness will help you avoid softball injuries when you reintegrate into your usual training schedule.


Wallball is a simple infield drill that will help you practice catching even when you don’t have anyone to throw to you. Aptly named, it involves throwing a softball against a wall and catching it.

When doing this drill, throw the ball at different areas on the wall so you can experience catching different types of returns. To get practice fielding ground balls, you’ll want to stand far enough away from the wall so the ball can bounce onto the floor and roll toward you.


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