Because of the spread and serious nature of the coronavirus, America had to change and cancel several things throughout the nation. Leading the way for others to follow was the National Basketball Association.

They were first to announce they would be suspending the season until further notice. While many Americans were shocked and upset about this decision, the safety and health of everyone could not be ignored.

Although there has not been a date for when basketball will return, there is still much to talk about. Before the suspension, championship projections were in full force. Just because playing has stopped doesn’t mean these conversions can’t still occur.

Here are some reasons why the Philadelphia 76ers could be the next NBA Champions.

Their Coach

Despite being placed in the hot seat numerous times, head coach Brett Brown has never given up believing in the potential of his team. He has experienced setbacks and scorn, yet he refuses to give up.

This fighting attitude is something that he can use to push his team on to victory. Failures and lessons from the past help create success and achievements in the future.

Their Teamwork

While only five players are playing on the court while the clock is running, there are 16 players on the Sixers roster. It seems impossible to be able to have all these guys work as a team, yet somehow, they do it.

Each player knows they have to rely on one another if they want to win the game. Basketball is not a game for one person to play and take the spotlight, but for a group of people working together. This team understands that importance.

Their Diversity

The 76ers hold some of the most diverse players. They spent time creating a roster that includes the basketball skills necessary to play the game. Both rookie and veteran players alike have various skills they add to the game.

They have players whose specialties lie in playing extraordinary defense or offense, but then they add players who specialize in both. This makes for a dynamic team that can play ball on both ends of the court.

Their Fans

It may seem insignificant to count the fans as a championship contender factor, but it is something that can’t be left out.

Players know that they aren’t just playing for themselves, they are competing for their fans. The momentum of the fan base can either help strengthen the team’s resolve to win or weaken their competing spirit.

Philly fans have a notorious factor for being mean and rude, but the truth of the matter is that it shows the Sixers their fans believe in them and expect nothing less than their best.

When fans are willing to risk it all in sports spread betting, this team knows they should put it all on the line as well.

Their Fight

The Sixers franchise has been through some hard times and rough patches throughout their existence. There were years when winning a single game seemed impossible. Other years were full of mocking and ridicule for their process of tanking.

For the last couple of years though, there has been a new wave of momentum telling everyone to, “Trust the Process.” But even throughout this period, there have been setbacks and haters.

Now, more than ever, the Philadelphia 76ers have a fighting drive to win it all. There is a driving force to prove the unbelievers wrong and show everyone they can win it all.

Their Record

This team has been almost unbeatable while playing at home this season. With a current home record of 29 wins and 2 losses, they hold the best winning record at home. The NBA playoffs consist of a series of seven games, and the top seed has the home-court advantage.

Even if the Sixers don’t have the higher seed, they would only need to steal one game on the road because of their near-perfect performances at home.


If the NBA is able to come back and finish this season, it will be interesting to see how the teams will play after the unprecedented time off. The Philadelphia 76ers have the coaching, roster, and backing from their city to make a serious run for the championship.


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