Summer has finally arrived. Although this summer will look different from ones in the past, there are still plenty of ways you can enjoy yourself.

Try these adventurous outdoor summer activities so that you have a thrilling story to tell your friends when you see them again.


The brave at heart should give rock-climbing a try this summer. Rock-climbing is the ultimate adrenaline rush. This activity is also excellent for people who are into fitness—you’ll definitely break a sweat.

Make sure you buy the proper materials before you give this a try, and ask for professional help from someone who’s been rock-climbing before. Purchase gloves, rope, and the necessary safety gear to ensure everything goes smoothly.


Car enthusiasts should think about off-roading in the summertime. You’ll have a blast seeing what your vehicle is capable of. Be prepared to get a little dirty on this adventure; your automobile will surely need a wash as soon as you make it home.

As fun as the activity is, you must be safe while off-roading this summer. Get to know your car, and make sure it can handle rough terrain before you embark on the journey. Drive safely—this task is risky to begin with, and drivers must take precautions every step of the way.


Paddleboarding is the perfect summer activity for water-lovers. Shop online for the right equipment before you do anything else. Don’t forget about safety gear, either. You’ll definitely need a lifejacket for this activity.

Remember, practice makes perfect when it comes to paddleboarding. Try standing on the board and getting a feel for things before you hit the water. Balance is essential, so prepare to center yourself when waves come crashing towards you.


COVID-19 has put a damper on everyone’s summer plans. However, the best part about these adventurous outdoor summer activities is that you can do them while social distancing.

Adrenaline junkies can get their fix alone or bring others along for the journey. We’ll get through this, and these activities can keep your mind off of things for a while.


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