Traditional job opportunities are on a downward trend due to the current state of the world. The future of the workforce is headed towards a tech-based job market.

With so many out of work and trying to discover new career paths, using this time to build skills that will prepare you to tackle the new job market is imperative.

That being said, it can be hard to tell which career paths will survive these troubling times. However, those that are proving most resilient now relate to technology.

The Internet is the future, and there are numerous job options to explore in that realm. Here are three of the most stable careers amidst the pandemic.

Web Designer

If fostering your inner creativity and developing appealing aesthetics sounds interesting to you, then a career as a Web Designer may be up your alley.

Web designers, also known as UX designers, are responsible for creating the layout of all content on a website. Everything, from the color choices to navigational elements, is handled by a web designer.

To enter this career, you must have a passion for design and be somewhat technologically inclined. Gaining these skills is well worth it, though, as high-performing web designers can make close to $100,000.

Furthermore, the Bureau of Labor Statistics considers web design a field that is only set to increase over the next decade.

Most web designers are self-taught and improve by taking on their own projects. Fortunately, schools exist that can help students acquire the necessary skills to get to that point.

Thinkful offers part-time UX courses, introductions to leaders in the field, and personalized career coaches. If a stable career that will survive the pandemic is what you’re looking for, check out web design.

Software Engineer

Did you know there’s a job market set to grow by over 4 million new workers by 2023? According to studies, programming is going to play an integral role in the way careers change.

Capitalizing on this trend by pursuing work as a Software Engineer is a great way to guarantee the longevity of your career.

Software engineers are responsible for writing the software that tells your computer what it’s supposed to do. This exciting career path has limitless day-to-day responsibilities.

The largest requirement for becoming a software engineer is programming skills. Fortunately, these skills can be self-taught with the help of coding bootcamps, offered by schools such as Hack Reactor.

Through 12-week full-time or 36-week part-time programs, with multiple financing options, anyone can learn the fundamentals to become a software engineer from the comfort of their home.

Mobile Developer

The final career on this list has an exciting but stable future. Billions of people around the world use smartphones every day and the applications on those devices have a huge impact on our daily life.

Rather than dealing with computer programs, practitioners of this career focus on developing mobile apps through programming as well as testing and fixing bugs.

Working on cutting-edge mobile applications can be an exciting career and, if it appeals to you, then consider becoming a Mobile Developer.

With an average salary of $107,000, this lucrative career can be a dynamic role. A wide array of smartphone application companies are always searching for new talent to help develop their product, so wherever your interests lie, there’s a company for you.

Mobile developers often have computer programming skills that need to be acquired before entering the field. Enrolling in an online program like Lambda School—which offers an immersive six-month program into iOS and Android development—is a great way to get a leg up. By teaching both front and back end technologies, Lambda School can give students the fundamentals they need to succeed.


As the workforce adapts to the post-pandemic world, it’s important that you learn to adapt as a professional as well. Change is a natural occurrence in life, and a failure to change may result in being left behind.

Widespread job displacement will continue to occur as technology advances, but gaining the skills needed to thrive in such a job market is a sure-fire way to become a valuable asset to any company.

Get ahead of the curve today by pursuing the skills needed for these stable careers and cement your future post-pandemic.


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