Amid the COVID-19 crisis, a lot of people are frightened and anxious. A lot has, indeed, changed since the emergence of the pandemic. And with the so-called "new normal," things can be quite challenging, and even daunting, for some.

But, regardless, it is worth noting that the only thing you have right now is your overall wellness, which is, by far, the most important thing of all.

Certainly, you are already aware of how to take good care of your physical health during these trying times. But, how about your mental health?

Is This Lockdown Essential?

Before diving deeper on how to take good care of your mental health, you must understand first why the lockdown today is essential. The truth is the lockdown measures and social distancing guidelines are there in place to minimize the further risks of contracting the virus.

While others may not accept this, the only goal of these rules is to protect the welfare of the many. However, this may only benefit physical health. In fact, isolation has negative impacts on the overall wellbeing of a person. So, how would one maintain good emotional and mental health?

How to Take Care of Mental Health in Lockdown

Here are some of the best tips that you may do to take good care of your mental health amid the lockdown.

Start a New Quarantine Ritual

Having rituals and routines are great for your mental health. But, considering the current dynamic, it can be quite challenging for some to stick to their old and usual routines or rituals.

If this happens to you, try to start a new ritual that will fit your current situation. For instance, if you always go to the gym or yoga studio for your daily exercises, for sure, you can no longer do this today. If that is so, then try to follow your same routines in the comfort of your own home.

You may also start much newer rituals or routines that you haven't tried yet. Whatever you choose, though, ensure that this will help you mentally, emotionally, and physically.


Meditation, as it is, is a good practice for your mental and emotional health. Whether amid the lockdown or not, it is a practice that can improve one's quality of life.

As it happens, meditating can help you be in tune with your true self. It helps the mind arrive at a "self-actualization" that lets oneself be in harmony with reality, no matter how good or bad the situation is.

Try to schedule a meditation practice for at least five to ten minutes per session. You can do this at least once or twice per day.

Find a Distraction

Distractions are great tools, as well, for your mind and body. Keep in mind, though, that these distractions should focus on making yourself and your life better.

The kinds of distractions that can help you improve your overall well-being include music lessons, arts and crafts, or whatever suits your interests and likes.

It need not be grand or huge. Just as long as you enjoy it or it makes you happy, then go for it.

Find New Ways to Connect With Friends

With the lockdown and social distancing measures in place, socializing with friends and family members can be quite daunting. In fact, this is very risky amid the pandemic crisis.

So, instead of fully isolating yourself from others, you can still interact and socialize with others in non-physical ways. Try to look for platforms that will help you communicate and reach out to your loved ones and other significant ties.

You may utilize virtual platforms like messaging apps and video conference platforms, which are very apparent these days, and free!

Limit Alcohol and Cigarette Consumption

Aside from your physical health, vices like drinking and smoking can also negatively affect your mental and emotional health. Although they may provide enjoyment for some, these kinds of habits and routines do not offer any benefit to your well-being.

Stay Close to Your Normal Routine

Despite starting new habits and routines, you must try to stay close with your usual "normal." Engaging in a whole new ritual per day may not be helpful, especially if you are doing it in an instant, say overnight.

As much as possible, still, try to stay close with your old and usual routines. And in doing so, it may help you improve further the quality of your life in the coming days.

Bottom Line

All in all, it is not enough for one to simply take good care of physical health, and disregard the emotional and mental aspects. Amid the pandemic crisis, challenges have continued to arise not only in the physical health concerns but, to several other things, as well.

And if you are finding the new normal quite daunting, these six simple, yet effective tips will certainly help you get through these trying and difficult times.


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