Regular physical activity has various health benefits for your body. It can reduce the risk of heart disease, hypertension, and premature death. You can improve endurance, drop pounds, and get toned, which will make you feel more attractive when it comes to dating.

If you are single, you might notice potential partners who hit the gym regularly. Sometimes you'll just exchange greetings with someone a couple of times a week, or they might help you with a piece of equipment that you're using for the first time.

Other times, you will find yourself glancing in their direction. You are not the only one. According to the fitness statistics, 50% of people hit the gym to check out the opposite sex.

Exercising Alone is Boring 

Working out at home can be enjoyable if you've had a long day and are not in the mood to go out. Sometimes you just want to finish your exercising routine and call it a day. But when you are up for something more, you will probably decide to go to the gym.

Also, it can be hard to stick to your fitness routine when no one holds you accountable. You know you can slack off, and just pause that instruction video if you are alone. If you have a gym buddy, it can be more fun. And if they’re your partner too, it's double the fun.

Landing a Date at the Gym

The first thing you want to do when you want to meet someone is to be approachable. If you're in a bad mood at the gym, they will not want to interact with you.

If you keep staring at your phone or look uninterested, they will likely ignore you. Be pleasant, smile, and make eye contact with someone you like.

Advice for Women 

Women at the gym are usually too worried about their makeup and hairstyle. It's important to feel comfortable and confident, so what you wear matters more than eyeliner. Avoid wearing a regular bra, as it lacks the support of a sports bra, which can be painful for your breasts and back.

Don't choose worn-out clothes and old sneakers. You don't have to be stylish, but you do want to look good. Be aware of the fact that the opposite sex is more interested in getting to know you than to look at your makeup, so try to be engaging.

Talk about mutual interests. For instance, if you both like to run, try to steer the conversation in the direction of the treadmill. You could even look into using pheromones for women to add that little extra layer of attraction.

Advice for Men

If you are a man, you will want to take it slow so that you're not seen as a creep. If you exchange glances, you can use a machine next to her a couple of times. Be mindful of her workout session, and don't interrupt her. Be patient and wait for her to take a break.

Some days, she might have her earphones on, which usually means, "I don't really want to talk right now." Respect that, and don't push the chat—there will be another chance. When you start chatting, be confident, as you will have competition—other good looking and confident guys.


Eyeing the opposite sex at the gym is pretty common. If you find a partner at the gym, it's a win-win situation. You can go on gym dates, which are healthy and fun, you can set fitness goals together and motivate each other.


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