Painful feet snatch all fun and frolic from your game. Most of the basketball players tend to ignore their feet-care and take the health of their feet for granted unless they feel pain in them. Instead, they should take full care of their feet and ankles on a daily basis. 

They should also consult some expert podiatrists like Mod Pod Podiatry, etc. for special care so that they may keep enjoying their game for long.

However, we have also worked out some important tips for them in this regard. Here we go.

Always Choose Specific Shoes For Your Sports

Nowadays, shoe companies make specific shoes for specific games because different sports exert different demands on your feet and ankles.

The same goes true for basketball as well. You can use your tennis shoes for basketball, but the shoes meant for this sport have heavy soles. 

The same goes true for basketball as well and the shoes meant for this sport have heavy soles and high tops to confer your feet with the proper cushioning for high jumping and your ankles with stability for side-to-side motion. So, you must buy basketball-specific shoes.

Purchase a Few Good Pairs of Socks

Basketball is a game that makes its players run almost constantly and sweat profusely. So, be careful not to wear cotton socks as they get wet with so much sweat and the excess of moisture can lead to blisters.

Always buy socks made of some moisture-wicking material to keep your feet as cool and dry as possible.

Immediately Change Out Your Socks and Shoes If They Get Damped

Always keep in mind that damp footwear tends to cause fungal infections and nasty blisters. So, change out your shoes as well as socks as soon as you find them damped.

Most often, only the change of socks will do the trick and you will not have to change your shoes. Get yourself used to the idea of wearing more than one pair of socks per day.

Never Hang On to the Same Shoes Too Long

Wearing the same pair of shoes for months on end not only destroys the quality and life of the shoe-material but also increase the chances of your feet becoming vulnerable to athlete’s foot, fungal toenails, warts, blisters, etc.

This is because old and sweaty shoes are most likely to become the breeding sites for many a fungus and virus.

Actually, the wear-and-tear of the regular use eventually affect even a well-cared-for pair of shoes and it becomes necessary to replace them with a new pair immediately.

Their material, construction quality, weight, and the way you use your shoes are the factors that determine the lifespan of your sports shoes. So, you must judge the things yourself and replace your shoes after 4 to 5 months maximum.

Be Watchful Against Calluses and Coms

The layers of hard, dead skin cells called calluses and coms appear on the soles and toes respectively. These actually result from the pressure and friction from the skin that rubs against some part of the shoe.

Never try to remove these on your own or apply some products bought from a drugstore. Rather, you must consult your physician for their removal. However, you may put moleskin or a pad to that area to reduce pain for the time being.


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