A healthy and balanced is a key factor for any healthy human being, but it is particularly important for teenagers who are still developing physically and mentally.

Protein is an essential component of a healthy diet as it is made up of amino acids, which are required for the building and restoration of cells within our bodies.

Due to all the changes adolescents go through, during this difficult time, it is vital that they are supported through a healthy diet, full of protein, in order to stay fit and active.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of protein to teenagers.

Growth and Development 

The human body constantly absorbs and re-builds body tissue, and considering the abilities of protein, its continuous daily intake is crucial.

Adolescents are continuously growing, both physically and cognitively and their diets can make a big difference in their development.

Malnourished adolescents, or those lacking protein in their diets, can develop underlying health issues such as growth stunt, and increased bone fractures.

Additionally, adolescence is popularly marked by constant mood swings and impulsive behavior—research studies suggest that these can be minimized through the consumption of protein.

Increases Muscle Mass and Strength

A lot of adolescents are usually very active and juggle different responsibilities, such as school, family life, social dilemmas, and extracurricular activities that often involve sport.

Individuals can usually obtain enough protein from foods such as nuts, lean meat, and eggs; however, teenagers can be picky eaters, and in such cases, protein supplements are the best option.

You can make your own research to find the top ones for growing teens to ensure their protein intake. If your teen is overly active, the consumption of protein is crucial to maintain muscle mass and strength levels.

Healthy Hormone Levels

As previously mentioned, protein is majorly made up of amino acids, which is crucial for hormones. These hormones are responsible for many internal processes such as our menstrual cycle, regulation of stress levels, and even the health of our skin.

Lack of protein will have an impact on these cycles and we can become easily irritable, have skin issues, and suffer from irregular periods.

Hormone levels in adolescents are constantly fluctuating, as a result of puberty and changes the body is going through, therefore ingesting appropriate amounts of protein is essential to support healthy regulation of hormone levels.

Healthy Weight

Teenagers, particularly boys, are prone to ingest much larger amounts of food, as a result of the constant energy the body is using as part of the major ongoing changes.

During adolescence, individuals become more independent and able to make their own choices.

However, this is not always good as they may opt to eat junk food rather than food that will nourish their bodies, which can lead to health issues, including unhealthy weight gain.

Eating protein ensures teenagers are satisfied with less food and fewer calories, therefore supporting the maintenance of a healthy weight.


Protein is highly essential for adolescents’ healthy development of their body and brain. It is very important that every teenager consumes enough protein to support the body, either through a healthy diet or supplements, as a healthy adolescent will grow into a healthy adult.


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