Determining a gift recipient's hobbies will help you choose the right gift. Some of us can barely bring ourselves to run outside in the warmer weather, but our more disciplined friends and family jog in the winter. 

With cold weather conditions, those brave enough to venture outdoors for their exercise regimen need to be safe, comfortable, and of course, trendy! 

Continue reading for some hot tips on great gift ideas for winter jogging. 

Reflective Gear

As the days get shorter, it not only gets dark earlier, but it stays dark later. This can make it difficult for someone with a regular 9-5 job to catch a run in full daylight. Reflective gear is essential in keeping joggers safe and seen. 

Explore the many options and ways to reflect while still looking good. Runners must be visible so that vehicles are not only aware of their presence on roads but able to further avoid them, especially in slippery conditions. Luckily, reflective gear is available in any article of clothing.

Combining reflective apparel with lights is incredibly useful in recognizing runners from a safe distance. 

Consider getting your jogger friend a headlamp to be worn primarily in overcast, inclement weather and darkening conditions. Light travels far and fast and is an excellent indication that something or someone is ahead. 

Keep the Heat

There are several fabric choices for running gear. When looking at joggers' clothing, consider that though cotton is warm, it's not precisely a moisture-resistant material. Instead, look at nylon and polyester fabrics to help wick away sweat for base layers. 

Cotton can always be an additional layer to keep in some heat. Those who run often know that layers are best because they keep you warm at rest, and you may shed them as you get moving and heat up. 

Heat escapes mostly from our head and feet. Ensuring that those areas are protected and covered will help the runner retain some much-needed warmth. 

For socks, the best and most used material for winter running is merino wool. It's lighter and softer than ordinary wool and contains moisture-wicking properties that are essential to runners. 

There is a large variety of winter hats available. Since there isn't a lot of friction on the head while running, hat choices may vary based on the runner's personal style. 

It’s important to note that bulky hats may obstruct the jogger's vision, which is dangerous. Slouch beanies and other trendy hats may fly off once the runner gets moving. 

Browse styles and materials based on the expected weather conditions in your gift recipient's area to narrow your choices.

Choosing gifts to give based on one's hobbies or interests makes sense. This way, you're giving them something they can genuinely use that not only benefits them in the aspect of safety but sends a message that you're acknowledging something meaningful to them. 

After all, gifts from the heart are the most memorable. You now have several great gift ideas for winter jogging to help you pick out the perfect items. 

Have a happy holiday season!


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