If cars are your true passion, you probably crave the sight of an open road so you can really let loose. That feeling of acceleration as your car speeds up is hard to get in other places. Maybe you’re trying up your car’s top speed for use in a race league? 

Whatever your need for speed is, you’ll rarely get the full effect by simply driving a car straight off the lot. Here we’ll look at some of the best modifications to improve your car’s speed so you can really feel that adrenaline rush.


As the name seems to suggest, turbochargers can really give your car’s engine the jolt it needs to get going even faster. They work by adding more air into the engine, allowing for more fuel to be used at one time, thus providing you with more power than your car would have had previously.

Spark Plugs

Getting new spark plugs could be easily overlooked when it comes to performance because of how small they seem. However, your car is extremely dependent on your spark plugs to ignite the fuel in your engine. Higher quality spark plugs will be more efficient and quicker at igniting this fuel.

Performance Chips

Your car has a computer chip inside of it that regulates how much air and fuel is used at one time, often restricting it more than necessary. By replacing this chip with a performance chip, you allow the engine to consume more air and fuel at once, letting you get that top speed you’re looking for.

Aesthetic Enhancements

Not everything that will help your car move faster is inside of it. The outward appearance of your car affects the aerodynamics of it, slowing it down or speeding it up depending on the design. 

By adding modifications such as spoilers or bumper lips, you change the way that air flows around the car, reducing drag and increasing speed in the process.


Your tires have more to do with your overall speed than you might think. Good, quality tires will help your car grip the road better. 

This extra grip means that the tires can push your car forward more quickly. This lets you hit your top speed much faster than you would with standard off-the-rack tires.

These are some of the best modifications to improve your car’s speed, but every car is different and will need separate improvements based on its current performance. 

However, you choose to modify your vehicle, make sure to be safe about it, and ask for a professional’s help if you’re unsure about anything.


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