Professional athletes are extremely regimented with what they put into their bodies, but you might have noticed that some NBA stars—such as LeBron James, Jimmy Butler, and J. J. Redick—love a nice glass of wine. 

Many pro athletes also don’t just buy themselves one ridiculously expensive bottle of wine, either—they’ll go as far as investing thousands in wine cellars of their own. 

Discover the surprising benefits of drinking wine for athletes ahead. 


Wine won’t automatically turn anyone into a monster on the court or field, but it does contain something that can be helpful: a chemical called polyphenol. 

This chemical can be beneficial to athletes because it can improve blood flow, which in turn can boost cardio results. The key is finding the right type of wine with polyphenols, which are found in a variety of red wines.  


Another chemical that gives some athletes the advantage they’re looking for is resveratrol. This element, which you can also find in red wine, prevents blood vessel damage, decreases bad cholesterol, and even prevents blood clots. 

Resveratrol is how wine can be heart healthy for those who are always pushing their bodies’ limits. 


A major draw for athletes when it comes to wine is the painkilling aspect of the beverage. Due to its painkilling properties, a moderate amount of wine can go a long way for an athlete who’s looking to recover after a hard-fought game. 

Using wine to relieve pain can be a tricky balance, but holding yourself accountable can help you achieve another one of the surprising benefits of drinking wine for athletes. 

Remain Responsible

At the end of the day, wine is still alcohol, and an excessive amount can lead to many health complications. Many professional athletes are using wine to their advantage, but the key is to remain responsible if you want to get the same positive results. 

This primarily means limiting yourself to a glass or two if you decide to make wine a regular part of your gameday recovery. If alcohol isn’t your thing, there’s still a ton of other ways to improve your athletic performance. 

Wine is just one unique way that has been trending upward in popularity during the last few years in the world of pro sports.


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