New Year’s resolutions are helpful and motivating ways to improve your lifestyle. However, these convictions are challenging to maintain over time. This difficulty is especially relevant to people implementing exercise regimens. 

Instead of giving up a few weeks in, avoid these common pitfalls that keep you from your exercise goals.

Bad Goal Setting

The most common exercise pitfall begins at the start: your goals themselves. How you set your exercise goals will impact your mindset and approach to working out. 

If you have unrealistic goals, you will feel discouraged when you fail to achieve your high standards. Set your goals according to the SMART goals formula: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. Each of these elements will improve your chances of sticking with it.

Instead of merely saying, “I will work out more this year,” plan something like, “I will run on the treadmill three times a week for a minimum of thirty minutes to improve my stamina within six months.” 

A goal like this is specific and achievable since you know what steps you’ll need to take, and you have leeway to push yourself harder or give yourself a slower day on the treadmill.

Ineffective Programming

Another pitfall many people experience is ineffective programming. A workout program is often the simplest path for people who don’t have a regular gym routine or want to switch things up. 

However, many of these workout routines stem from poor research and will either be ineffective or harm your body in the process. If you select a program that pushes you hard, that’s great! 

You should always test your limits. But don’t do this on day two of your regimen; otherwise, you can seriously hurt yourself. Progressive acceleration is the best tactic for every goal, from cardio to weightlifting.

Improper Exercise Preparedness

If you have consistently negative and frustrating exercise experiences, you are less likely to continue your regimen. 

This pitfall is dangerous since many people don’t know how to prepare for a workout. For example, if you want to start biking, you should know the causes of leg cramps while cycling

Otherwise, you’ll find yourself struggling from the beginning. Be sure to eat at the right intervals before exercising, hydrate throughout the day, and stretch well before exerting cold muscles. Each of these tactics can save you from a harmful and disappointing workout experience.

Familiarize yourself with these common pitfalls that keep you from your exercise goals, and avoid them at all costs. Most importantly, allow yourself the room to grow and focus on positive improvements. 

If you stick to your goals and bring other people into your journey, you are more likely to succeed.


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