The art of dressing yourself is something many men either don’t learn or don’t care enough to engage. You undoubtedly developed your own look over the years, but is it something you chose or something you just fell into? 

A well-planned outfit from an organized closet can go a long way toward improving confidence and style. If you need some pointers, here is how you can dress well as a man.

Make It Classic

Some clothing items and outfits in men’s fashion may seem overplayed. However, things like a black suit or a leather jacket are classic for a reason—they look good on almost every guy. 

You can start your wardrobe revamp with a tailored black suit that fits you perfectly and that you can wear with confidence to any formal event.

Add a Pair of Jeans

Denim is the king of the casual and business-casual pants scene. Jeans go well with solid-colored T-shirts and suit jackets alike—they are one of the wardrobe essentials every many should have in his closet

Be sure to have a few pairs of jeans in several colors. You’ll definitely want dark-washed blue, medium-blue, and light blue jeans. Once you cover the basics, you can branch out to the rest of the rainbow.

Invest in Clothing Care

If you own nice clothes, it’s on you to take proper care of them. If you leave dirty dress shirts lying around or throw everything into the tumble dryer, you can seriously damage your clothes. 

Invest in clothing care, and take the extra time to handle your items appropriately. Bring your dress clothes to the dry cleaners for proper maintenance, and keep them pressed. 

When you wash your other clothing, pay attention to what the tags advise. If it says to tumble dry on low, don’t use high heat. It may mean doing another load of laundry or line drying some items, but it’s worth it in the long run for high-quality, lasting clothes.


Knowing how you can dress well as a man equips you with the tools to better yourself and put more time into your appearance. With the right wardrobe and practice, you can bring your style everywhere you go.


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