Whether you’re looking to put on some extra muscle or just trying to get into better shape, the benefits of strength training will keep your body nice and limber even as you begin to get older. 

To find a regime that works best for you, let’s look at the best types of strength training and consider the options.

Total Body Circuit Training

A traditional boot camp style regime, this form of training has you hold light weights as you go through a variety of motions. This way, you get a full-body exercise that offers more resistance than your body weight. 

It’s an excellent place to start for those new to strength training. It helps you ease into exercising without the risk of waking up too sore the next morning.

Push-Pull Training

Push-pull refers to considering your body as having three plains of movement: the muscles that push, those that pull, and those in your lower body. 

You’ll split your routine to focus on each of these groups, working one group of muscles intensely and then allowing them to rest the next two days. 

Push days involve the chest, shoulders, and triceps. Pull days involve your back, biceps, and traps. Lastly, your lower body day—or leg day—will work out your lower body.

Powerlifting Training

You’ve probably heard of this method before. Powerlifting has seen a surge in popularity as one of the best types of strength training, with CrossFit being the most infamous example. 

This type of strength training involves larger movements to incorporate more muscle, with exercises such as squats, deadlifts, snatches, and power cleans. This method of strength training is very effective as a full-body workout.

Explosive Dynamic Training

This one is for the athletes. In addition to strength training, explosive dynamic exercises incorporate a large amount of cardiovascular activity to increase your blood flow. 

Some examples include box jumps, rope pulls, and some lighter powerlifting movements. The key here is to perform these exercises rapidly to get the strength benefits and keep your heart rate up simultaneously. 

With this method, you’ll build greater endurance in addition to growing and defining your muscle mass.


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