Russell Wilson has been getting involved in trade rumors lately. 

With the NFC West adding another pass rusher in JJ Watt and the Seattle Seahawks struggling to protect their star quarterback over the years, there have been rumblings around the NFL of Wilson's dissatisfaction with the franchise. 

Teams like the Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys, and Las Vegas Raiders have come up in the news. However, the New Orleans Saints are also an option.

Drew Brees is expected to retire, although there have been videos recently hinting he could return. The Saints also have Taysom Hill and Jameis Winston on the roster as QBs. However, getting Wilson would be the best option, and would keep New Orleans as contenders.

Saints' star pass rusher Cam Jordan believes the team will win a Super Bowl if they were able to land Russ. And who can blame him? 
Although the tweet seems unconditional, Jordan’s on-air explanation had some caveats. At one point, Jordan conditioned his optimism on Wilson playing like he “at the beginning of last season” for the full year. Jordan also said that winning a Super Bowl is his “vision year in and year out.”

In the video posted by Jordan, he also addresses the status of Drew Brees. It’s unclear, however, whether Jordan says that Brees has retired or that Wilson would be in play if Brees actually retires. (Most believe Brees is retiring; recently, a vibe has emerged that maybe he won’t.)

Of course, there’s a chance that Jordan won’t be around to experience Wilson’s impact on the Saints. If Jordan is part of the trade package that lands Wilson, Jordan will be playing in Seattle. Recently, he acknowledged that possibility — even if he wouldn’t be happy about it.


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