If there’s one thing sports fans are good at, it’s talking bad about the opposition. No matter the athlete, team, or city, someone out there talks trash about them. 

Unfortunately for stadium ushers and maintenance staff members, most fans are also just as good at creating trash. Some sporting events can even cause enough trash for a pest control company such as https://www.pestcontrolexperts.com/local/rhode-island/ to have to remove unwanted visitors such as mice or even cockroaches. But we can stem the tide of garbage in our arenas to avoid this. 

Here are some tips for minimizing waste at sporting events.

Strategically Placed Waste Receptacles

One of the best ways to prevent trash from being left throughout the stadium is to add more trash cans around the venue. 

Be strategic in placing them to ensure fans can easily find the garbage and recycling bins. Label the containers clearly. This helps prevent many of the common recycling mistakes many fans make.

Educate Fans

Many organizations are taking the opportunity to highlight ways that fans can manage their waste over the PA system. Make a point to speak about the efforts your team is making to improve waste management and try to involve fans. 

Something as simple as a corporate sponsorship with a local waste management company can help fans change their habits. 

Improve Sustainability

Many tips for minimizing waste at sporting events involve increasing sustainability at arenas. One method is to add additional recycling options around the stands and concourse. 

You could also take some of the food waste and use it for composting. Purchasing products made from recycled materials also helps to reduce your team’s carbon footprint. Finally, consider whether you can power the building using renewable energy sources.

Audits and Measurements

You can ensure a waste management plan work through audits and updates. Audits involve taking a measure of everything in the garbage based on the materials. 

While it’s unlikely your venue will reach good numbers immediately, you can take comfort in knowing some arenas and stadiums can divert as much as 90 percent of their waste from landfills.


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