Over the years, entertainers and athletes have adapted many fitness solutions, and CBD is indeed one of them. The use of CBD is becoming more and more frequent among celebs and athletes in the twenty-first century. 

As per scientific research, the more its benefits are coming into the light, the more its use is becoming popular globally. Renowned personas have been embracing the CBD qualities to boost their immune systems, feel relaxed, feel confident, and get rid of injury pains, and more. 

These celebs have not only used CBD as an anchor of fitness and sound mind for years. They have also influenced the perseverance of CBD in the industry in many ways. It has led to prescription medicines such as Epidiolex being on the market, which some of these athletes use. 

Let’s take a look at some of the big names.

Jennifer Aniston

With fame comes plenty of responsibilities, and that is quite true. As per Aniston, cannabidiol can reduce her daily levels of anxiety and stress, making her much more relaxed and focused on her daily endeavors. 

She often clarifies and puts an anchor to her words about the endless benefits of CBD and how it helps your entire mental and physical health conditions. 

Aniston mostly used a muscle rub or a tincture. She has used CBD in different ways and forms. From vapes, personal care products to CBD capsules, she has used fun ways to benefit Cannabidiol. The methods of absorbing the benefits of CBD have been an adventure for Aniston. 

The actress says that it is something you can bathe with, drink, sniff and simply slather from your head to toe. Aniston also agrees that not just Hollywood but the entire world is significantly starting to rely on the wonders of CBD. 

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Mike Tyson

The renowned American boxer has many enigmas to his unbeatable energy level and fitness capacity. As per the sources, CBD is one of them. 

The former boxer says with many affirmations that CBD is indeed miracle oil and has been a trusted companion to him throughout his years of journey. His love for cannabis has never looked back from the time he has discovered it. 

He vouches for the relief-providing properties of CBD. But apart from that, there is news about CBD and Tyson that went big. He has recently come up with a marijuana farm known as the Cannabis Resort for growers and smokers. 

Whoopi Goldberg

The renowned actress Whoopi Goldberg is best known for her robust, humorous, and unshakable persona. Her jaw-dropping performance in Ghost (1990) is still unforgettable. 

But the reality behind the silver screen charm is something else. These always fit, happy, and healthy-looking personas cannot escape the everyday life stress, chronic ailments, and pressure just as any other person. 

According to Whoopi, the only way out is to deal with it, but she has got a more innovative way to deal with it. She also made herself more prominent in the CBD market by co-establishing Whoopi & Maya. It is a famous brand that offers a hundred percent CBD and THC products. 

Marvin Washington

The retired footballer serves as a blazing example today for athletes using CBD for health nourishment. Being a great fan of CBD oil, he has made it a prominent part of his daily schedule for dealing with his muscle sprains, ligament issues, injuries, and more. 

He has been the victim of severe body aches even after his retirement for a long time. Using CBD oil has helped Marvin in a safe, natural, and effective way in that phase. 

Marvin is a strong supporter of CBD product usage today. He is taking this to the legal level. As a part of the plaintiff, the team has challenged the Controlled Substance Act 1970. This act classified marijuana as a scheduled new drug. 

Eugene Monroe

Eugene Monroe is the former Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle in the NFL. He was the first football player in the team to tout the advantages of Cannabidiol and become a part of the campaign. 

Right after retiring from the NFL in 2016, Monroe still feels the pain associated with hits he had taken throughout his entire career, especially from one precise concussion that he had suffered from back in 2015.

He is the first NFL player to push medical marijuana and has taken an oath to continue supporting CBD in his retirement. It is a much effective and safe alternative to opioids; Cannabidiol can offer relevant effects without any risks of addiction that is way more common with pharmaceuticals. 

Today he is a significant part of the ‘the Bright Lights Fade’ CBD campaign. One of its motives is to remove CBD from the NFL list of banned substances. Monroe also adores CBD over conventional pain killers. He uses hemp plants in many ways to heal injuries and aches.

The Bottom Line

CBD products are available almost everywhere now. You can use them today for different purposes like curing health ailments, getting rid of stress, sleeping better, etc. To explore more benefits of Cannabidiol, get your hands on the best CBD products now.


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