For many young lacrosse players, the season is coming to an end, or it will be in a few months. Like any sport, the offseason is the time when players truly take their game to the next level, and there are plenty of ways for young laxers to do the same. 

Here’s a list of what lacrosse players should do in the offseason to improve their game.

Play Wall Ball

The number one practice activity every lacrosse player should be doing when they aren’t out on the field is grabbing their stick and playing wall ball. 

Ask any professional or collegiate player. They’ll often tell you that they got to where they are because they spent hours in front of a wall working on their dominant and non-dominant hands. 

When you put in the work during breaks, you’re almost guaranteed to see yourself improve in upcoming seasons.


Next to strengthening your passing and catching skills, take the time in the offseason to build your body. Hitting the gym as a lacrosse player doesn’t just give you an advantage in games and practice; it also reduces your risk of injury. 

Focus on the muscles you use in lacrosse, such as your hamstrings, quads, triceps, biceps, and back. Also, make sure you stay in shape by doing some cardio, so the conditioning your coach puts you through before next season isn’t as dreadful.

Watch the Pros

With summer on the horizon, the college lacrosse season is wrapping up. But, there will still be plenty of lacrosse games to check out on TV. 

The Premier Lacrosse League begins its season in June, and you can watch games on NBC Sports and Peacock all summer long to see what smart play looks like in action. 

Observing elite athletes is such a huge part of any sport. You can discover how the best people in the world play and try to emulate them, which will only increase your lacrosse IQ.

Help Rebrand Your Team

The offseason is a perfect time for a club to rebrand. This could include updating your team logo or looking into new lacrosse uniforms.

How much of a say you have in your club’s branding may depend on your position within the club and of course the size of the club. 

If you do think elements of your branding feel outdated but don’t have the power to change your brand, don’t be afraid to voice your opinion to those with more seniority. 

Join a Travel Team

If you’re serious about playing at the next level, joining a club for tournaments in the summer is another part of what lacrosse players should do in the offseason. 

Playing for a travel team isn’t as much of a commitment as playing for a high school team, as there are fewer practices. However, it allows you to play against teams from different states and also gives you the chance to catch the eyes of a college coach in attendance.

Sign Up for a Camp

In the lacrosse offseason, there are also plenty of opportunities for you to learn from experts by attending a camp. 

Professional players or college coaches typically host lacrosse camps, which means you can get some incredible knowledge from those competing at the highest level. Camps also give you another chance to face new competition in drills and scrimmages.


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