The cannabis ecosystem has undergone a drastic change over the years. The usage of CBD and marijuana, the two derivatives of cannabis, have now entered the health and wellness sector. 

CBD especially is gaining immense popularity among users for its ability to help alleviate many health conditions. Pain, anxiety, and stress relief are some of the renowned health benefits CBD may offer. 

CBD has few serious negative effects or drawbacks, though unwanted side effects can still occur so consulting with a doctor beforehand is always advised. Some side effects like sickness are often the result of the product going out of date. The following article—Does CBD Oil Expire? Storage Tips to Extend Its Shelf Life—contains more information on how to prevent this from happening.
Despite these potential drawbacks, CBD presents itself as a unique treatment for many conditions that athletes and sports enthusiasts face. Problems such as joint pain, inflammation, and sprains, to name a few.

However, both medical marijuana and CBD were still not welcome in the world of sports, especially the National Football League. But, in 2018 the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed CBD (Cannabidiol) from the list of banned substances. 

That decision allowed athletes from various sports to use CBD for pain management. Since then, the naturally occurring substance CBD has been helping many athletes worldwide with pain management. 

We will see if this makes crossover with the latest federal-approved Delta-8 THC that has been released. For more info on Delta-8 THC and how it compares with Delta 9 (as well as CBD and marijuana, in general), see here: https://observer.com/2021/06/delta-8-thc-guide-vs-delta-9/

Anyways, let’s discuss the five reasons why NFL players must use CBD in this article.

CBD May Help Reduce Physical Pain & Inflammation

Besides being America’s one of the favorite sports, football is also one of the dangerous sports. The prevalence of physical injuries among professional and amateur players is very high. 

Some of the common injuries among NFL players are ankle and foot injuries, torn muscles, shoulder injuries, and knee ligament injuries. Even if the players get lucky with severe physical injuries, there is no way to escape minor injuries and pain. 

CBD can act as an efficient pain management tool. CBD interacts with the body in a way that it can block the activity of neurotransmitters receiving pain signals from various body parts. That way, CBD can alter the perception of pain and numb it. 

Similarly, CBD can also block the inflammation messenger activity in the body and reduce any inflammations. That explains why products like CBD gummies for pain, CBD balms, and lotions are becoming popular among the sports community.

CBD Can Boost Immunity

Athletes must not be ready to face physical injuries and illnesses. Especially with newly emerging viruses and diseases like Covid-19, maintaining a sound immune system is essential. CBD may help athletes and players boost their immune systems

The human body consists of an endocannabinoid system (ECS) whose responsibility is to maintain homeostasis in the body. That homeostasis (natural balance) is vital for many biological activities, such as boosting the immune system. 

Various internal cannabinoids present in the body activate the receptors present in the ECS and help in its regulation. However, when the body encounters a shortage of these internal cannabinoids, it may affect homeostasis resulting in a weak immune system. 

CBD acts as an external cannabinoid in such situations and helps the ECS maintain homeostasis and boost the immune system.

CBD May Help Reduce Stress

Physical and psychological stress is a part of everyone’s life, regardless of their profession. However, the stress that NFL players and other athletes face may be a little more than usual. 

Whether it’s about winning a tournament, managing the team, or coping with personal life and physical injuries, stress can take a toll on their mental and physical health. For instance, stress is the primary cause of anxiety and depression. 

One may rely on CBD for stress relief since it can regulate cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is a stress hormone, and imbalanced levels of cortisol can cause many health conditions. 

Moreover, the potent calming and relaxing properties of CBD can help an individual relax without any gloomy and depressing thoughts.

CBD Can Act As a Natural Alternative to Pain Killers & Opioids

We’ve already established that athletes, especially NFL players, have to deal with injuries and pain. So most players consume pain synthetic pain killers for pain management. Though they offer pain relief for a short period, these pain killers can result in severe side effects. 

For instance, most opioids that athletes consume for pain relief are highly addictive and may cause severe damage to the body in the long run. The chances of misuse of such opioids also increase since they are highly addictive. 

Using CBD for pain management can be a natural alternative to synthetic painkillers. There are almost low to no side effects of using CBD, and it is also a non-psychoactive substance. 

Thus, you can steer clear of any addictive synthetic medications if you switch to naturally occurring CBD instead. 

CBD Can Help in Speedy Recovery From Injuries & Physical Damage

Have you ever heard of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)? It’s nothing but the soreness and stiffness of muscles after a day of rigorous workout or physical activity. We all know that’s something athletes do. 

The muscle fibers undergo micro-fiber damage during such physical activity, and it is the body’s reaction to the damage done. During this phase, the muscles recover from the damage and rebuilds. 

CBD can help reduce soreness and assist in the healing process by increasing protein synthesis in the body. That way, your muscles not only feel relaxed during the healing process but can also recover faster with the help of CBD.

Final Thoughts

Those were the five reasons why NFL players must use CBD. That said, remember to consult your doctor before using any CBD supplements. 

Moreover, use only high-quality CBD supplements manufactured by renowned companies to avoid any unintended effects of CBD. 

You may benefit from CBD in many ways as an athlete when used correctly. So ensure to start with small amounts of CBD if you are a novice user. You can increase the dosage gradually until you find the ideal dosage that suits you.


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