Shooting basketball the right way is an art. One who gets perfect at shooting simply has a better chance of getting selected into a team and getting more game time and that’s a fact.

With that being said, many amateur and newbie athletes do have a question in mind that, “How to shoot a basketball like a Pro?”

Well, for starters, practice is key. But doing practice the right way would benefit you the most and that’s why I’m here to guide you.

This basketball guide includes all necessary steps that you’ll require to start shooting like a pro.
Furthermore, it will also mention some of the top NBA shooters so that newbies can follow them to see how do they shoot with accuracy and precision.

Let’s slide right into the main discussion, without any further ado.

How to Shoot a Basketball Like a Pro?

First things first, you need to invest in good indoor basketball before starting the practice. It’s required so as to keep everything balanced and help you out to make the shot as accurate as possible.

Secondly, we’ll start with a rough roadmap and before I go forward, you need to know that this guide is focused on static positioning only.

You have to make a good static position to shoot if you want to advance while playing in the court.

Anyways, the roadmap is as follows:

Quick Roadmap for Shooting Perfectly:
1. Keeping eyes on the target.
2. Making a balanced stance.
3. Shot Pocketing to adjust the ball’s height and position.
4. Firm grip on the ball.
5. A balanced hand.
6. The delivery of ball towards the hoop.
7. Upforce and landing while delivering the shot.
8. Follow through after the ball goes in.
9. Perfect Shot

Let us explain each and everything in detail as follows.

1. Keeping Eyes on the Target

The target, i.e. the rim should be in your focus. Never lose your concentration while trying to shoot the ball into the hoop. Make the rim your focal point and keep your eyes on it regardless of the ball’s delivery.

2. Making a Balanced Stance

Lower your body a little bit down and elevate your feet for making a balanced stance. This will ensure the required power and energy to help deliver the shot into the hoop. You can practice making a balanced stance as long as you don’t get perfect at it.

3. Shot Pocket

Now, this is extremely important! As soon as you get the ball, move it to the shot pocket position. For starters, grip it firmly and line it up with your eyes in such a way that it forms a straight line to the rim. 

Shot pocketing is required whenever you receive the ball. So, make sure that you are good enough at adjusting yourself as soon as you catch the basketball.

4. Grip

Mastering the art of shooting lies in how you grip it. Cutting right to the chase, locate the air hole of the basketball as it’s regarded as the center and place it between your middle and index finger.

Put your finger pads on the line seams of the ball in such a way that it becomes parallel so as to control the backspin.

Furthermore, make sure that you leave a little bit of space between the ball and your palm. For example, a little pen should be able to pass through your palm when you are holding the ball.

You should spread apart your fingers so as to hold the ball comfortably. Ensure that the ball remains firm on your finger pads.

5. Balancing the Non-Shooting Hand:

Next up, you have to align your non-shooting hand on side of the ball. Make sure that your hand doesn’t add any force or spin from that side.

Up till now, you have got an idea of how to position yourself and hold the ball in the right manner. Let’s now move on to the delivery of the ball towards the hoop.

6. Delivery

Position your elbow comfortably and shoot the ball directly upwards using the force of your palm.
Keep in mind that the ball should remain in front of you while you deliver it. Don’t let it go behind your head at all.

Moreover, extend your shooting hand in a straight line towards the rim to shoot the ball without any hurdle.

7. Upforce and Landing Mechanics

Use your legs while generating upforce and release the ball as soon as you reach the top of your jump.
Furthermore, make sure that you land on the same spot as you’ve jumped so as to maintain your balance and stance on the court.

8. Follow Through

Right after you’ve delivered the shot, your elbow should get back to a relaxed position. Meanwhile, your fingers should still point out towards the focal point, i.e. the rim. Last but not the least, maintain this position until the ball hits or goes through the rim.

9. Perfect Shot

Practice makes a man perfect! The same case goes with shooting. Sorry to say but you won’t become Stephen Curry just by practicing all these tricks again.

Go hard or go home! That’s the attitude you must have while practicing how to shoot a basketball like a pro. Be consistent enough and you’ll see improvements while delivering the shot for sure.

The NBA’s Top Shooters

Here are some of the top shooters in the NBA that you should follow to see how they shoot inch-perfect balls that go right through the rim.

Steve Kerr — He has got the highest 3-point shooting percentage (45.6) and currently ranks at the No.1 position

Hubert Davis — Right after Steve, he has (44.1%) shooting accuracy throughout his NBA career.

Stephen Curry — The Legend, Stephen Curry sits at third position with a shooting accuracy of 43.6%.

Jason Kapono — Another versatile shooter who currently has precise shooting with 43.4% accuracy.

Steve Novak — Steve Novak has a passing accuracy of 43% and he currently sits at fifth position in the category of all-time greatest shooters.


I’ve enlightened you with all major and minor tips on how to shoot a basketball like a professional. Mind you that not every player has the same stance or way of gripping the ball and it varies from athlete to athlete. 

However, the basics of shooting are all same and that’s what I’ve tried to cover for you guys. I hope you improve this skill and become a star in making for the next generations to follow.


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