The MLB 2021 season is currently going on. However, the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020 forced the campaign to take an unanticipated course, with different playoffs, a much shorter regular season, and without fans in the stands.

However, the tournament came back stronger and determined for this campaign, allowing teams to welcome back their fans. 

Those who have had the chance to watch the games live from the stadiums have already seen the breathtaking strikeouts, home runs, and hits that have taken place so far.  

As the tournament gets more exciting, let’s take some time to honor the best hitters in MLB currently.

10. Corey Seager (Los Angeles Dodgers)

It is about time Seager begins to get the credit he deserves. Usually overshadowed by teammates such as Cody Bellinger and Mookie Betts, Seager has been incredible since arriving on the scene six years ago. 

An aggressive hitter, Seager usually jumps on the first pitch and makes a hard hit any player would envy.   

A lifetime .296 hitter, Corey Seager has also started to improve in terms of power. For instance, he hit 15 HR in 52 matches last year and led the league with 44 doubles in 2019. 

Seager’s star is only going to shine brighter this year.

9. Christian Yelich (Milwaukee Brewers)

Don’t be fooled by last year; Yelich remains elite. Earlier, when he was playing for the Marlins, Yelich was known as a high-average hitter. 

Through five years, Yelich always hit above .282 and has had more than 30 doubles four times. When he arrived in Milwaukee, he became the best hitter over a two-year span. 

He led the league in batting average for two years (i.e., 2018 and 2019) and posted an on-base plus slugging (OPS) of 1.04 (topping the league in OPS and SLG both years). Additionally, his power improved, as Yelich blasted 63 doubles and 80 HR in 277 games.

8. Freddie Freeman (Atlanta Braves)

When Freddie Freeman is playing, Atlanta can rest easy, knowing its destiny is momentarily in the hands of one of the most reliable great hitters.

Freeman first emerged as a good hitter in 2012 but has turned into something else completely in the process, attaining a .302/ .394/ .526 slash line in a period of eight seasons.  Besides, he has racked up a 130 OPS+ each year, something only he and Mike Trout can boast.   

What’s more, he outdid himself and won the NL MVP award in 2020. Smart and patient in the box, Freddie Freeman is one of the game’s elite hitters.

7. Jacob deGrom (New York Mets)

Jacob deGrom made his debut as the NL Rookie for the NYC Mets in 2014 and emerged as a pretty good pitcher between 2015 and 2017. 

Since those were the final seasons in his 20s, practically they should have signified the end of his prime years. But, in reality, they were just a warm-up.    

All deGrom has accomplished over the last few seasons is incredible — 628 strikeouts, 188 ERA+, and nearly more rWAR than any other pitcher. 

Velocity has become the 38-year-olds’ defining trademark as he threw more fastballs than any other pitcher in 2020.  Still not showing any signs of slowing down; reasons to doubt his capability going forward are minimal.  

6. Juan Soto (Washington Nationals)

Juan Soto may take a while before he wins a Gold Glove, but goodness, he can hit. Major league baseball (MLB) has been running since 1876. 

However, Soto is the only hitter who has bested a 140 OPS+ while so young (in his -19, -20, and -21 seasons). Additionally, his exit velocity and walk-to-strikeout ratio are on the upswing.  

This means the 22-year-old doesn’t need to be as athletic as Ronald Acuna Jr. or Fernando Tatis Jr. in order to challenge for the NL MVP this season. The Washington Nationals superstar will hit his way to the top soon.    

5. Ronald Acuna Jr. (Atlanta Braves)

Ronald Acuna Jr. has awed everyone since his rise to the professional level with the Atlanta Braves. The 2018 MLB All-Star and NL Rookie of the Year has started the 2021 season in excellent form and is leading the way for the Atlanta Braves once again.  

4. Fernando Tatis Jr. (San Diego Padres).

Fernando Tatis Jr. didn’t begin the 2021 season strongly, hitting only 2 HR and being laid aside for a while after suffering an injury on April 5 in the match against the San Francisco Giants. 

However, the “El Niño” still has enough time ahead to manifest his power as one of the top hitters in the game. We hope the Dominican will overcome his injury history and improve on his already impressive career stats.

3. Aaron Judge (New York Yankees)  

Despite his sluggish start to the 2021 season, and with an injury background, Aaron Judge has what it takes to shine again to the top. 

With a batting average (AVG) of .272, 123 HR, and 276 RBI, the Yankees will, without doubt, need him at his best if they wish to put their title drought to an end.

2. Mookie Betts (Los Angeles Dodgers)

Mookie Betts is ready to help the Los Angeles Dodgers win the championship title again, starting the 2021 season on a high with .292 AVG. 

The four-time MLB All-Star is one of the most admired players in the league, and he is unquestionably among the greatest hitters as well.    

1. Mike Trout (Los Angeles Angels)

Mike Trout, an 8-time All-Star and 3-time AL MVP, is perhaps the best player in MLB currently, and he already displayed exceptional performances this season. 

For example, Trout already threw a 155.5 mph homer — certainly the hardest hit in his professional career —   smashing a record set way back in 2015. With such stats, it’s not surprising why this Angels’ legend signed the third-highest contract in sports history.  

From the above list, has your favorite player made the cut?


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