Hall of Fame NBA center Shaquille O'Neal has always been known for his insane size with the combination of his athletics and skills. It helped earn him his "Diesel" nickname, and it definitely makes a lot more sense after he revealed his playing weight. 

Shaq has often been listed at around 7-foot-1 or 7-foot-2 while weighing around 325 pounds. However, when you watch videos of him, he seemed a lot bigger. Well, he confirmed that he was in fact a lot bigger than his listed playing weight.

On TNT's "Inside the NBA," Shaq revealed the playing weights he was at during his NBA championship runs with the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat, as well as listing his current weight. 

On the 2000 Lakers, he weighed 345 pounds. In 2001, he weighed 365 pounds. During the three-peat, he was at 395 pounds. Most likely, during the NBA Finals loss to the Detroit Pistons, he weighed over 400 pounds. During the 2006 Heat run, he went down to 325. Currently, he's at 375.

Per NBC, that would make Shaq the largest NBA player to step foot on court. The heaviest player ever listed was former Sacramento Kings center Sim Bhullar, who weighed 360 pounds to complement his 7-foot-5 height. 

Shaq's weight at nearly 400 pounds does not seem too far-fetched. He looked huge and absolutely unstoppable on the court. Kobe Bryant would even get mad at him for not working on his conditioning, which led to his huge size. 

Many wonder how Shaq would fit in today's NBA. He definitely would not be able to play at the large weight he used to play at. He likely would have to be under 325 in today's NBA. The Orlando Magic version of Shaq would be perfect in today's league.

Just based on these highlights of Shaq at nearly 400 pounds, he would be pretty scary in today's NBA:


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