As a physical sport, NBA players undergo strenuous training exercises and game schedules throughout every open season. Moreover, they are also susceptible to fatigue and injuries following games. 

As a result, players require constant pain control treatments that can help treat injuries while also reducing lost playtime due to injuries. In many circumstances, opioids and standard analgesics are the main options for pain relief. 

Many studies have looked into the therapeutic effects of CBD for athletes who participate in endurance and physical sports. It has led to a variety of CBD products releasing in the past several years, including CBD gummies that can be purchased easily online

By altering the functions of the endocannabinoids system, CBD can effectively treat severe pain, improve muscle regeneration, handle concussion, accelerate tissue recovery period, strengthen bones, and expedite the fracture healing process. 

Concerned players and other stakeholders are rightfully pushing for CBD adoption inside the NBA. Hopefully, someday, players will freely purchase CBD products at DailyMarijuana online store without fear of disciplinary action by the league.

Here are five NBA players who have fully proclaimed their love for cannabidiol.

Al Harrington

Al Harrington might be described as a journeyman in the sports world. He played for seven different teams during his 16-year pro basketball stint, including the Warriors, Pacers, and Knicks. 

He also made the playoffs seven times in 16 years and was a key offensive player for all the three teams he played.

Al Harrington is a massive supporter of CBD use in the National Basketball Association. Harrington began exploring the possibility of adopting CBD in the NBA in his active years. 

In 2012, Harrington began taking CBD products to treat acute pain during his stint at the Denver Nuggets. He now owns a CBD firm named after his granny, who used therapeutic marijuana to treat her glaucoma. 

Like others who own a CBD firm or plan to own one such as Harrington, looking into cbd private labeling is a great option. 

Harrington continues to push for CBD use in the NBA, even lobbying the National Basketball Players Association President on the topic.

Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom is among NBA's well-known sixth men in modern history. While he was never a prolific scorer, averaging 17.2 points per game at best, he was a superb playmaker who thrived in ways that aren't statistically quantified. 

The giant, who stood 6'10", was versatile enough to play small forward, power, and center if needed. With his tireless performance, he kept his second squad players pumped, and he pushed hard to prevent opposing teams from going on long runs. 

In 2015, Odom made news in Nevada after an overdose. As usual, various media outlets hurried to report Odom's high-profile rehab program and drug dependency story. 

According to reports, Odom hailed medicinal cannabis and CBD for his quick recovery. In 2018, he decided to enter the marijuana industry. 

Later that year, Odom released his own CBD product line and a CBD pen manufacturing collaboration with an e-juice vape firm.

Rick Barry

Rick Barry is among the most well-known Golden State Warriors basketballer of all time, and he also spent his career in both the ABA and NBA, that would eventually unite to form a single league. 

Barry topped his opponent in each of these basketball leagues, showcasing his distinct, successful playing style. 

Like many other former professional NBA players, he has shifted his focus to promoting CBD use. Rick is a staunch believer in the benefits of Cannabidiol and was among the first sportsmen to advocate for its widespread adoption. 

He has advocated for CBD at several events, such as the 2017 O'Cannabiz Cannabis Expo in Toronto.

Jamal Mashburn

Jamal Mashburn, popularly known as Monster Mash, was a talented scorer whose on-court ability enabled him to enjoy a long professional basketball stint. However, his success began long before he entered the professionals. 

Jamal positioned himself as a rising star during his three years at the University of Kentucky, among the nations' most prominent college basketball programs. While he didn't become a permanent All-Star as many had hoped, no team was truly upset by his quality of play.

In recent times, the ex-NBA basketball player has shifted his focus to business, notably the CBD business, as seen by his appointment to the board of directors of a famous cannabis medical and wellness firm. 

Jamal's involvement and abundance of expertise on top players is hoped to entice additional former professionals to join the CBD promotion bandwagon. 

He expects that athletes will begin to gravitate toward CBD in increasing numbers soon, which will benefit the basketball sector.

Paul Pierce

Paul Pierce, also dubbed as The Truth by Boston Celtics supporters, is among the most well-known Celtics players in modern times. 

He spent fifteen of his nineteen years playing in the National basketball association with the Celtics, averaging six rebounds, and four assists, and 22 points per game during that period.

Pierce has demonstrated massive support for the Cannabidiol business in addition to being a good player on the court.  He has vaped CBD for years, stating one of the primary reasons as being a nightclub incident in which he got stabbed 11 times and nearly died. 

Pierce believes the NBA should let athletes use Cannabidiol and feels many individuals still have myths about CBD and marijuana's effects that are misguided.

He's launching his brand of CBD vapes and is expected to continue campaigning for the compound's acceptance.

The Bottom Line

Compared to other major competitions, the NBA's anti-drug legislation is rigorous and, currently, provides no possibility for progressive improvements. 

However, several NBA basketball players have continuously advocated for CBD use in the NBA.


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