When you make the decision to join a sports team, it can have a really positive impact on your life. Playing with a team is a great way to do something you love while forging great relationships. 

Here are some of the biggest benefits of joining a team organization.

Get Competitive

Your love for playing a sport can grow exponentially when you have the opportunity to do it with competitive motivation. 

Whether you're playing in a small single-town-based league or you’re joining an organization that’s part of a statewide league, you’ll have the chance to play competitively.

Being able to apply your skills in a competitive setting makes it possible for you to enhance them and enrich your experience. That enrichment gives new dimensions to what you’re doing. 

It inspires you to put forth your best effort and continually work towards developing your abilities.

Be a Better Player

Practicing and playing with other athletes will probably make you a better athlete. You can draw from the skills that you see in your teammates. 

Some will have more experience than you, so you may get some great tips about how to improve your game. No matter what, you’ll learn a few things that could make you better. 

You might get pointers on specific things that you’re doing such as your stance or general guidance on equipment such as picking the best baseball gloves.

Stay Active

Playing on a team is a fantastic way to stay active and fit. A lot of people find playing a sport to be much more engaging than a solo activity such as going to the gym. 

Having a commitment to a team helps to assure that you’ll have the discipline to stick with it. You won’t decide to skip a game as willingly as you might decide to skip out on going to the gym or going for a long run. 

Your team is counting on you to show up and play hard, and you’ll be looking forward to it.

Lower Stress Levels

Sports are a good outlet to release energy and also burn off some stress

When you’re at practice or playing a game, you can take your mind off your worries and be a part of something bigger than yourself.

Make Friends

If you’d like to grow your social circle with people who like the same things that you do, playing a team sport that you’re passionate about is an excellent way to do it. A team-driven environment creates the perfect conditions to build friendships. 

When you play on a team, you’re united with a group of people whose objective depends on being able to communicate well with one another. Everyone has something special to contribute, and everyone is engaged in a group effort. 

On a team, you’ll be hanging out with a group where everyone has a common interest. Like-minded people with the same interests are apt to make friends with one another. 

Make a Difference In Your Community

Sports teams at every level are commonly involved in local community initiatives geared towards making positive change and helping people. 

They like to give back to the communities that they represent, and they want to set an example for the rest of the community about how people can help each other. 

When you play on a team, you may get to participate in charity events or service days. You can even play a role in getting a team involved in local community service initiatives.


Even if you’re just headed to the next town over, being on a team can take you out of your element and make your world a little bigger. 

It gives you a reason to explore and check out your surroundings in a way that otherwise wouldn’t have. 


Ultimately, there are a lot of pros and relatively few cons to joining a sports team. You can be a better player, improve your health, and make great connections.


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