If you play sports, you know that you need the right equipment to perform your best. These are 11 must-have items for people who are into sports.

Medicine Travel Kit

One of the unfortunate side-effects of traveling to play a sport is that in addition to sports-related injuries, there's always the chance of catching a cold, having an allergy attack or just generally not feeling well while you're away from home. 

Packing a medical travel kit prevents you from having to make a trip to a pharmacy or convenience store to get what you need. 

Pack essential items, such as any prescription medications you take, over-the-counter pain relievers, allergy medicine, hand sanitizer and Young Living essential oils

Water Bottle

No matter which sport you participate in, staying hydrated is essential. Purchasing bottled water can be expensive and bad for the environment

Carrying a refillable water bottle is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option. Choose a bottle that is easy to drink out of during your workouts, won't spill when you are carrying it around and is durable.

Tennis Ball

If you play tennis, then you probably already have a lot of these, but athletes in other sports can also benefit. Tennis balls work well as a portable piece of equipment for rolling out tight muscles. 


Earplugs are a must-have for any athlete who spends time on planes or buses or sometimes shares a hotel room with a teammate. 

Whether you want to catch a snooze on the team bus or block out your roomie's snoring, this inexpensive item comes in handy.

Yoga Mat

Stretching is an important part of improving flexibility and avoiding injuries. Yoga mats are portable and make it more comfortable to do stretches and other exercises on the floor or ground. 

They can also be useful for performing planks and other ab exercises during circuit routines.

Warm-Up Jacket

Warm-up jackets are light jackets that can be zipped on and off easily before and after athletic events. These jackets help keep athletes loose before competing and can double as a uniform for award ceremonies after the event is over. 

They are useful to have for athletes who compete in environments that are sometimes chilly, such as outdoor stadiums, swimming pools and large arenas. 

Foam Roller

Foam rollers are an essential tool for self-myofascial release, which is a process where you apply pressure using the roller and your own body weight to lengthen muscle tissue and release tight spots. 

This exercise is a good one to include in your pre-workout or competition warmup and may help you avoid injuries caused by tight muscles. Travel-sized models are available, so you can take them with you on the road. 

Compression Gear

Compression of the limbs can improve blood circulation and oxygen exchange and help get nutrients into the bloodstream and waste products out. 

Using compression gear during your post-workout or post-competition recovery can help your body recover better and faster. 


Many athletes wear headphones during workouts or before competitions to psych themselves up, or to relax. They are also useful for tuning out noise on airplanes or buses, particularly if you purchase a set of noise-cancelling headphones. 

Athletic Shoes

No matter what sport you play, you need a good pair of shoes. You may need more than one pair, depending on your sport and your workouts. 

Some athletes may need indoor and outdoor shoes or shoes with spikes or other specialized features for their sport, but also a good pair of running or cross training shoes for workouts. 


Almost all athletes spend some time outside either playing their sport or working out. Sunscreen protects your skin from damage and lowers your skin cancer risk.

Purchasing the right gear can help you better prepare for, recover after and compete during your athletic endeavors. These 11 essentials are a good addition to almost any athlete's equipment kit.


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