Playing video games is a significantly popular way for both young and old to have fun, and many users take great care of their gadgets.  

However, the plugs of the consoles are often overlooked, leading to damages and causing malfunctioning of the system. If you don't take proper care of your video games' plugs and power cords, it may cause safety problems, especially for children.

However, there are safety rules you can follow that would keep you enjoying your video games for longer. 

Because these plugs are also connected to electricity, greater caution should ensure your safety, especially while playing the games. It is not unusual for the cords and plugs to develop problems that may lead to electric shocks. 

By being a bit more careful, you can prevent these problems while enjoying playing your favorite games.

For electrical appliances generally, plugs and cables are their most vulnerable parts and are more susceptible to damages due to how frequently they are moved or handled. 

Here are some steps to take to keep them in excellent condition for longer.

Don't Pull the Cord When Disconnecting the Plug From the Socket

Many people still ask whether it's better to leave plugs in sockets when not in use or altogether remove them. We advise that plugs are disconnected when not in use, as long as they are not positioned so that their pointed edges can cause bodily harm. 

In disconnecting the plugs, however, it is not uncommon for some people to pull the cords. This is dangerous. When the plugs are pulled from the cords, it can cause the wires to stretch beyond their capacity and even break. 

When this happens, there could be a disconnection that would affect the supply of power to the system. The best way to disconnect the plug from the socket would be to handle the plug itself. 

Sometimes, there's a lot of friction between the plug and socket. If the plug stays firmly in the socket, there must be some friction because the connection may not be stable if it is too loose. 

So, in removing the plug, you must be careful not to be too aggressive; otherwise, you may apply too much force and damage it. 

With minimal energy, you should disconnect the plug from the socket when handled from the plug. If, however, you notice it is pretty challenging to remove, it may be due to a problem with the socket. 

If, for example, the plug is connected to an overloaded socket, it may overheat and cause the teeth of the plugs to start melting. 

When this happens, it becomes almost impossible to pull out the plug. You may need to call a qualified electrician to rectify the problem. Whenever you find it difficult pulling the plug from the socket, don't force it. 

Use Extension Cords

Before going further, it is important to stress that a substandard extension cord does more harm than good and may cause more problems for your video games. 

If you need them, make sure you get the ones of high quality. A 220 extension cord is a perfect example of a cord used for high-amperage tools and appliances like video games.

Extension cords have several benefits. However, when playing video games, they are beneficial for easy disconnection. Rather than connecting the games directly to the walls, a perfect extension cord allows you to handle the plug better. 

If the power cord of the game console isn't long enough, an extension cord solves that problem quickly. An extension cord like a 220-volt extension cord also offers more protection to the system. 

Most of them come with in-built fuses and protection that shields your system from external power surges.

Make Sure the Wires Are Held Firmly in Place Inside the Plug

Whether using a wall socket or an extension cord, ensure that the wires are firmly held inside the plug and are not dangling or loose. This is very important to prevent them from breaking. 

If you begin to notice the colored wires that should be safely kept inside the plug, it could be due to some screws that are loose inside the plug, or the pressure is telling on the wires. 

When the plug isn't handled with care, the wires may start losing their firmness. The initial signs that this is the case include the looseness of the wires attached to the plug. 

Once this is noticed, the way out is to call an electrician to help fix it before it gets worse. Calling a Keller electrician is important here, as they can help make sure every wire is safely set up and placed properly.  

If it is not fixed, it may lead to disconnection in the plug. The cord that enters into the plug mostly has three wires (some have only two) connected to the plug's teeth. When these teeth are inserted into the socket, they provide power to run the games' consoles. 

Do Not Stretch the Wires or Bend Them

As noted earlier, you may need an extension cord if the wires of your video game seem too short for comfort. 

Apart from making it easier and more comfortable for you, they also prevent putting the cables under undue pressure. If this happens, the plug may suffer from disconnection, and power may not be supplied to the console.

You should also not bend the wires awkwardly. The cables should lie comfortably on the ground without being under any constraints. This way, the connections would remain intact. 

Disconnect Plugs From Sockets When Not in Use

When you are not playing your video game, should you leave them connected to a power source? While this may not be immediately dangerous, it is safest for your games to disconnect them from the mains when not in use completely. 

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends that all electrical appliances not in use be unplugged. The reason is simple; there can be no electrical fault when a device is unplugged. 

As long as the power cords are not overstretched and the plugs are handled with care, they would last very long if disconnected when not in use. 


This article will guide you on safety precautions to observe with plugs for your video games. 

Besides, as noted earlier, using a 220-volt extension cord with your video games solves many problems, especially those that come with disconnecting them from the mains.


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