Motor racing is a sport that people all over the world can enjoy. With several styles and leagues across the globe, there’s no shortage of prolific racetracks to visit. 

Luckily, Americans have several locations that require a road trip to see. These are the most legendary racetracks to visit in the USA.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

You’ll certainly want to plan a trip to visit Indianapolis Motor Speedway, located in the heart of America. This track hosts two major racing events every year, with the Indianapolis 500 over Memorial Day weekend being the most prominent. 

If IndyCar racing isn’t your bag, you can also go to NASCAR’s Brickyard 400 later that summer. Thus, you’ll have two chances to buy some racing tickets this holiday season

To put in perspective how enormous the speedway is, you can fit several national landmarks and stadiums inside the 253-acre oval, including the Rose Bowl, the White House, and Churchill Downs. 

Watkins Glen

Typically, NASCAR’s events are on traditional oval racetracks. However, there are some curveballs that they throw into the schedule to change the pace. 

Watkins Glen International in New York is one of those tracks that require drivers to move their steering wheel to the right. The 3.4-mile-long track also hosts Formula 1 races, in which cars can top out at over 220 MPH. 

Daytona International Speedway

Similar to visiting Wrigley Field as a baseball fan, the Daytona 500 is something all racing fans need to go to at least once before they pass. If it’s too hard to get tickets to the first race, you can always go to the 400-mile race in late August.

Lucas Oil Raceway

A neighbor of Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Lucas Oil Race is in Brownsburg, Indiana, and it’s home to some of the most intense drag races on the planet. 

Drag races are like the TikToks of motorcar racing: quick, entertaining, and loud. If you don’t want to see one section of the track for 400-500 miles at a time, drag racing is your best bet to be wildly entertained. 

Circuit of the Americas

A newly designed track in Austin, Texas, provides you the thrill that you are seeking. Circuit of the Americas is a gigantic, 3-mile track that can seat around 120,000 fans. Also, this track is full of exhilarating turns, putting you on the edge of your seat. 


Going to the most legendary racetracks to visit in the USA can put any gearhead and racing fan in a state of euphoria. Hopefully, with the racing season on pause until spring, this gives you a solid roadmap to make 2022 a year to remember. 


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