Time stands still during the winter. It can be challenging for you to start the day, knowing the frigid winds will sock you in the face as soon as you step outside. 

That same logic can apply to fish, seeing as many people aren’t as active when the ice begins to form. However, you can still enjoy your favorite pastime when you follow the best fly-fishing tips to follow this winter. 

Patience Is a Virtue 

It’s hard to be patient when you are sitting on the ice. But fish is just as ornery as you are when it comes to winter weather. Typically, they aren’t nearly as active as in the summer, requiring you to temper your expectations when it comes to catching them. 

Most fish won’t swim around hunting for grub, so you need to use a lure that will entice them in some manner. 

A nymph lure attracts fish the best, especially when it lands directly in their line of vision. Any aggressive tactics you may use for summer fishing won’t do the trick in December and January, so don’t even bother. 

Deep Diving 

Fish enjoy fast-moving water in the summer, figuring it’s an endless buffet with all the food that comes their way. However, they don’t want to waste their energy when the food supply starts running dry in the winter. 

Therefore, you need to get your flies in deep and calm waters. Ideally, find a spot alongside hasty water, as the fish will likely be nearby.  

Sleep In

In the show Home Improvement, Tim and Al woke up before daylight to hit the ice and failed. Maybe if the “tool man” and his confidant knew they should have slept in, they would have cleaned up. 

The top benefit of winter fishing is staying in bed longer. There’s no need to wake up at 4:00 AM and endure the harsh winds and sub-zero temperatures, considering that the fish want nothing to do with these conditions either. 

Let your body, the fish, and the food warm up before you head to your location; this will give you more quality time to reel them in. 

Don’t Wear Bright Colors

Wearing bright colors lets others identify you from long distances, which means fish can also spot you. Illuminating colors may scare fish away, so drape yourself with dull colors to stay undetected. 

You also need to apply the same strategy for your lures. Colorful lures are easier to see in the water, but fish will avoid them. 


Abiding by the best fly-fishing tips to follow this winter will have you catching and releasing by the dozens. But don’t forget to take care of your fly-fishing equipment once your adventure is over, keeping it fresh and ready for the summer season. 


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