With COVID restrictions imposed in most schools and universities, outdoor sports are now neglected. If you wish to resume active sports, you can install an indoor soccer field inside the campus.

You can buy this indoor sports equipment from top websites in the US. The cost of indoor soccer field walls for futsal is reasonable and can be easily purchased. 

The affordability and availability of indoor soccer field walls make them a piece of perfect equipment to play these high adrenaline games in a safe and comfortable playing environment. 

Choosing the best indoor soccer field walls is a challenging task. It would be best to consider some factors while buying an indoor soccer field wall.

Check for Wall Pads & Enclosures

Based on the rules laid down by the United States Soccer Federation, the indoor soccer field should be between 175-210 feet in length and 75-100 feet in width.  

You must check the correct dimensions while buying indoor soccer field walls for your school. Additionally, check for wall pads on all the field sides, including the benches. Seamless padding will ensure the safety of the players in the game.

Check the Material of Fencing or Railing

Stainless steel is the best, sturdy material you can use for building the railings of the indoor soccer field. You must choose prefabricated soccer field facilities with this durable material.

If your preference is safety and durability, then you must choose walls made with high-quality plastic. Another essential factor you must look for is its portability. 

It would help if you bought indoor soccer field walls that can be easily assembled and dismantled. Hence, you can move them from one location to another.

Look for Pads to Cover the Goal Post & Other Things in Proximity

Padding is a crucial part of setting up an indoor soccer field. You must check the gate and door padding, the rails padding, wall padding for benches.

These should be made with an environmentally-friendly material and meet the fire safety regulations standard in the US. 

You must check the cost of indoor soccer field walls for futsal offered by different reputed companies to get the best deal. It will be easier to find the right wall which suits your needs and budget.

Check the Flooring Quality

Indoor soccer or futsal is played on artificial grass or synthetic turf. These are durable, easy to maintain, shock resistant, and visually appealing.

The flooring should be nonabrasive and provide the proper traction to the athletes. It will help them move faster without injuring themselves during the game.

Choose Glass Walls for Increased Visibility

You must select tempered glass walls or dasher boards while building indoor soccer or futsal units. These offer maximum visibility to the spectators and can withstand wear and tear at a higher level.

Check the Lighting Systems

While building an indoor soccer field, you can choose to add several innovative features to give the feel of playing football in the open air.

You can add a LED lighting system for maximum brightness. You can also choose a skylight that lets in natural daylight.


The points mentioned above are some of the top factors to consider while buying indoor soccer field walls for your school or university.

It is always best to read customer reviews and testimonials before choosing a company to buy sports equipment.


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